Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ethel Thayer Thursday

  • OK, I'm canceling my subscription.  The only time I ever went out with someone from an online site, I'd already met her several times at Chamber mixers before I saw her profile on the interweb.
  • Am I the only person left without nekkid pics?  Actually, that might be remunerative venture - maybe people would pay me to not release them. (Note to self: How about double dipping - getting paid not to release nude images and refraining from white collar crime?  I could make it a three-fer by promising the USDA I won't grow soybeans). 
  • Leslie Jones is apparently dismayed that hers have been hacked.  I like Jones, and think she plays the angry/scary black female perfectly - probably that twerp Jost had something to do with it.  Unsolicited advice: Can't hack what don't exist, ya dig my rap¹?  Another part of me thinks that it may also be a PR ploy.
  • Seen today on FTW HR website:
Job ID:
Job Title:
Hearing Officer
Business Unit:
Municipal Court
Municipal Crt Administration
Fort Worth - Downtown
Full/Part Time:
Not Applicable
Hours (weekly):
Salary Range:
Per Year

Apply Online Only
CLOSE DATE: September 9, 2016
The Municipal Court operates 24 hours per day, this includes weekends and holidays. The incumbent must commit to the possibility of working any shift within a 24 hour period, any day of the week, as needed.
The City of Fort Worth currently stands as the 16th largest city in the U.S. and the fastest growing among large cities.  Fort Worth has received multiple accolades, including number one Downtown (Livability), top five commercial real estate markets (Urban Land Institute), and the second-best City in the nation for Job Seekers (Forbes).  Our employees serve the needs of over 800,000 City residents.  We are seeking individuals that reflect our values of exceptional customer service, mutual respect, embracing the diversity of our communities, continuous improvement, ethical behavior, and accountability.
  • Wouldn't it be totally cool if Markie Post and Bull Shannon were part of the gig?
  • This is considered news?   Most parking lots I see are arranged this way.
  • An anti-doping organization says this guy may not be organic/free-range/hormone free:
Consider me astonished...
  • The next to the last of the Mohicans² HoJo's is closing.  Honestly, I thought they were already extinct, along with Stuckey's and Nickerson's. If I am traveling to Austin, I try to stop at the Robertson's in Salado.  Edit: My report of Stuckey's demise was premature - after near-death in the late '70s, the chain has regrouped and now totals 115 outlets.
No, Higgins did not found the HoJo chain...
  • Here's a hotel for exhibitionists.
  • The other day I heard Another Rainy Day in New York City in a big box store.  Although I remember the song from my original vinyl Chicago X LP, I didn't know it was actually the first single released from that album.  It didn't chart well, and was soon eclipsed by the better known If You Leave Me Now.  Although both are decent songs, they are not the band's best work.
  • Movin' on, quickly.  Would Sonny Pruitt drive this truck?  171.5 mph on a Swedish runway time trial is great, but how fast can it get Rocky Mountain refreshment from Texarkana to Atlanta?
  • Just last week I was Googling heads-up-displays for motorcycles, and today I see this.  You can get an automobile HUD from aliexpress, that connects to your OBDII, for under $50.
Not quite as cool as a F-35 pilot helmet, but close...
  • Stopped by the grocery store on my evening bike ride to pick up some things.  While there, I checked my BP: 103/76, and that was several hours after taking my BP med.  I put one grocery bag on each side of the handlebars when I left.
  • On the way home, I traversed some small branches in the path, and then my rear tire locked or maybe went flat.  After about a half-minute checking the situation, I realized I'd suffered a dumba$$ moment: The right hand grocery bag had shifted, and was pressing on the rear brake lever...
¹ Translation services provided by Babylon-Billingsley Linguistics Worldwide


RPM said...

Your truck link is dead. Fastest truck I've seen is Les Shockley's Shockwave. 375 MPH. Gonna have a tough time pulling a reefer with it though.

I use the Torque app on my phone. It has a HUD function and depending on the brightness of your phone/tablet display, it works pretty good.

TommyBoy said...

That hotel for exhibitionists looks a lot like my house after the storms blew through last April.