Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Miércoles Hoy!

  • Con su anfitrión, el Donaldo!
  • If you're a candidate for POTUS, do you want an endorsement from Mr. Peanut?
  • DJT sidekick and VP hopeful Mike Pence got his hair cut at a Pennsylvania barbershop:
So, is Eddie Murphy just the barber, or is he Mike Pence also?
  • ComKev had a link the other day about the outrageous shenanigans that used to take place on TX-199/Jacksboro Highway.  It got me to thinking about an underground gambling place west of downtown Fort Worth near the Trinity and Castleberry HS.  Possibly the place is legit now.
  • Some folks in Oakland can get paid for not committing crimes.  Where is this kind of forward thinking in Texas?  I have an extensive non-rap sheet of crimes I haven't committed, and not penny-ante stuff either.  I wanna get the big bucks for all the white collar stuff I didn't do.
  • A friend emailed me this NSFW story last night that another blogger also posted this morning.  People say "Keep Austin Weird".  I don't think anyone need worry about our state capital losing its status as the Berkeley of the Southwest.  The t-shirt take off on the Goliad flag is kinda funny.  Of course, it's exactly this kind of stuff that makes one wonder how anyone gets an education in today's colleges.
  • For a non-leftist, I watch a fair amount of PBS.  Last night there was a bit about teen sexuality.  Mutual consent/non-coercion, healthy practices, and pleasure were all discussed, but not a word about morality.  Gomorrah, we have arrived, it seems.
  • When I was a kid, decent sized communities had their own hospital, and a large city might have two or maybe three.  Possibly because of an aging population, there are CareNow and dialysis clinics everywhere, as well as many hospitals.  Will the current boink-it-if-you're-bored mentality result in an STD clinic on every corner?
  • I wouldn't have thought there'd be a large tranny contingent at a rodeo, but the PC folks in Michigan aren't taking any chances, lest someone get their undergarments - of whatever variety - knotted (not saying there's anything wrong with not wearing undergarments, either, you know).
  • On the other hand, I'm not sure this is such the good idea.
  • Sofia Vergara says that she regrets not using sunscreen on her chest in younger years.  Chica, all you had to do was ask...
  • Unintended consequences?  It's reported that with more states liberalizing cannabis use, the illicit drug trade has shifted to opioids.  At least one of the major political parties is committed to porous borders, so we may expect to see increasing rates of overdoses.
  • Breaking news that won't make one area blogger very happy: Dallas police have recovered a body from the Trinity that may be the SMU campus officer who disappeared in July after his car was swept away in flooded Turtle Creek.  Identification is still pending.  Of course, inasmuch as the discovery was announced by police, expect the usual cynicism.


TommyBoy said...

In ref to the police guy who was drowned in Turtle Creek -- reports say the body was afforded every respect because they suspected it was the guy. So, if it had been simply a civilian, would they have dragged the body out of the water any differently?

The Donald said...

Probably a fair question. I don't know much about waterlogged bodies, but am guessing that all of them have to be handled delicately to prevent disintegration. Certainly the Edward Elgar treatment owed to the presumption of being the missing officer.