Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 2: Taking America Back

  • You can almost imagine Ted Koppel coming out of retirement to cover the Trump presidency. (Editor's note: I actually liked Koppel.)
  • The loony leftist blogger was less apoplectic than I would've imagined this morning, given the events of the weekend.  BTW, the voices in my head (AKA the focus group) have suggested hiring him as spokesperson for Lite Lift (see yesterday's post): "Even in a fit of malaise, Lite Lift helps me remain the hardest working man in show business!"
  • I've started listening to the Amon Carter station (WBAP) again in the mornings.  Today, in connection with the immigration detentions, Stubie Doak ran a parody song about a fictional 'Achmed Flanagan', to the tune of an old Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. song.  Yeah, the same tune that Pinkard & Bowden expropriated for 1989's Libyan on a Jet Plane.  Readers of dis here blog will of course remember that P&B's Richard Bowden is an East Texas boy who - at the invitation of The Gambler - relocated his band Shiloh to Los Angeles.  Creative differences split the band and the other main member joined up with a Detroit guy and a couple of others to form a pretty successful outfit.  In 2015, Bowden's former partner's CD Cass County, named for their childhood home, debuted at #1 on the country charts.
  • Caliexit: Voters - I guess that would include just about anybody (men/women/gender neutral persons/citizens/passersby) in that state - have until July 25 this year to collect just shy of 600K signatures to force a referendum regarding whether the Golden State should secede.  Don't know exactly where Gov. Moonbeam stands on the petition, but I would posit that most of the English speaking supporters of the effort howled with derision when former Lone Star Gov. Goodhair hinted that Texas might do the same a few years back.  
  • Note to Sacramento:  Do it!  The remaining United States will thank you, profusely.  You do recognize, of course, that your prospects of going it alone successfully are a fraction of Texas' potential, so you'll maybe want to form alliances with Oregon and Washington.  But beware, outside of your coastal counties, your Bible and gun toting America sympathizers (you know, the productive people) will turn coat on you.  Even the Mexican Army will not be able to defend a border (with or without a wall - to keep people in) more than 75 miles inland.  And the United States will retain a port easement attachment to Riverside County, and port access points in Northern Cali, Oregon, and Washington.  With the savings to the national treasury from offloading you dingleberries, we might even purchase British Columbia.

  •  Here's an odd: With Trudeau's Canada inviting the refugees that the U.S. is vetting, why did terrorists shoot up a mosque, murdering 6 people?  BTW, there is no excuse for the mosque burning in Victoria, Texas.  The perpetrators of that crime, whether they're found to be rednecks or Munchausers, should be held to account equally. 
  • I read somewhere that there were some recent actors' awards.  Did Chuck Schumer win one for his teary performance?
  • People at my work think I am a coffee-holic.  What they don't really know is that I pour the remnants of my Central Perk size green tea into my Sub-Zero travel mug when I get to work, and once it's gone (30-45 minutes later), I refill it with coffee.  Occasionally I will top it off during the day to re-warm it, but in most cases my total consumption is less than 1-1/2 12 oz. cups per day.
  • The WBAP guy whose show runs in what was once Mark Davis' time slot this morning said what I wrote yesterday, that the United States is not the designated solid waste treatment plant for all of the world's human detritus.  He didn't say it exactly that way, but the idea was the same.
  • Since LBJ, by design, our nation has been dying a death by a thousand cuts, accelerated in the past couple of dozen years.  Like MzChief over on the lawyer blog, I don't care for the current President so much, but he seems to be committed to action to restore the America that's been lost.  It won't be easy, and it won't always be pretty.  Remember Jack. T. Colton re-engineering Joan Wilder's Italian pumps in order to facilitate the journey to find the treasure...

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