Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back when movies were funny...

Of the two movies Chase and Hawn did together, I usually cite the other as my favorite - but the truth is they're both great.  And this one features a hilarious segment with Dudley Moore, a year before 10, and three years before Arthur.  The albino character was played by William Frankfather, originally from Kermit, Texas, in his first film role.

And I swear I won't tell anyone if you find yourself singing along with Barry Manilow...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Stuck in Charlotte's Web

No Mendacity Allowed

While UHF channel surfing after my evening bike ride, I happened across an episode of  To Tell the Truth.

Not really paying any attention at first, but I recognized a familiar voice, and there - in vivid black and white - was Johnny Carson, on a panel also including Tom Poston, Jayne Meadows (aka Mrs. Steve Allen), and Kitty Carlisle.  Johnny looked very young, while Poston looked scarcely different from his Newhart role over three decades later.

My research indicated that the episode, sponsored by Anacin (helps drain all eight of your sinus cavities) and Sani-Flush, and announced by Johnny Olson (Bud Collyer hosting), was recorded in October 1961 - I probably wasn't even walking yet.

Carson of course went on to become the greatest late-night host of all time. Fortunate, as he was not so good at discerning the real Jo Thornton or Henry Gross.

Would Annie Lennox lie to you?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lighting the way

The other day, I posed the question of who would provide leadership to the hooligans that we have been seeing 'protesting' on a regular basis.

The next morning, quite by coincidence as best I can tell, my friend Paul emailed me this video which may provide the answer.

Perhaps there is hope.

Monday, August 10, 2015

It's Quiz Time!

So, let's say that you believe one of your best pals was senselessly shot and killed last year walking down the middle of the street minding his own business. To memorialize your good friend, do you?:
  1. Hold a candlelight vigil with your church group on the anniversary of his unfortunate demise.
  2. March peacefully with placards along the main thoroughfare, or in front of city hall.
  3. Drive up and down the strip with a PA system to spread your message.
  4. Place a stolen pistol in your waistband to go see what's happening.
If you chose #4, you chose poorly, young Jedi.  Please step up and claim your Darwin Award.  That's apparently how 18 year old Tyrone Harris chose to honor his dearly departed chum, Michael Brown.  Caught up in the revelry that undoubtedly enveloped the solemn occasion, young Mr. Harris got involved in a gunfight, including shooting at an occupied police van, culminating in police returning fire.  

Who'd a thunk it?

For his lack of discretion, Mr. Harris now lies in a hospital bed, critically wounded. Maybe on account of their training and stuff, the police are apparently better marksmen.

Sixty years ago, Pete Seeger wrote the hauntingly beautiful anti-war circular folk song Where Have All the Flowers Gone?  During the Vietnam War, the song was popularized by Peter, Paul & Mary - its message of breaking the cycle of the so-called military-industrial complex resonated with the youth culture of the '60s and on college campuses.

Today, it's not a land war in southeast Asia, Mr. Vizzini, that's killing our youth - it's lawlessness in blighted communities, following the same tired cycle, generation after generation.

In the 21st century, where's the next Pete Seeger who will bring the message that continual hooliganism will deliver a bitter harvest? 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Otra vez, estudiantes, ¿Quién es más macho?

Este Keniano con sombrero del zopenco y pantalones de la madre, quien vive en la Casa Blanca:

Image result for obama with bicycle helmet

O este Cubano-Canadiano-Tejano-Americano:

¿Preguntas, alguien?  ¿Alguien?  ¿Señor Bueller?

Tocino, sí!  Es el sabor mejor.