Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Saturday Clothes

  • I had a dream the other night that a woman approached me in a public place - her identity was unclear in the dream, but I was given to understand that I knew her - knelt down, and asked if I would marry her.  I then bade her stand up, and I got on one knee, and said it would be my honor. Weird, I know.
  • I guess I'm a stickler for traditionalism, even asleep.
  • I related that dream story to a female co-worker.  She agreed she could picture me doing that (even if the predicate premise was far-fetched).
  • Next year will be a decade I've been on my own, maybe my subconscious self is trying to send me a message, that it's ready - if I can find an honest woman.
  • Kind of like finding a unicorn, huh?
  • Gonna leave that one to God.  My picks haven't worked out so well.
  • I know some folks go to church hoping to meet someone.  I'd like to meet a woman who would attend church with me.
  • On my day off this week, I voted and got my flu shot.  In the end, it came down to voting for the clown instead of the criminal, such was the dismal choice this year.  I did not vote straight ticket (I never have).
  • Not looking forward to the time change next week.  With my work schedule, it won't really give me any time for doing outside work.
  • Tried a new brand of melatonin last night, with vitamin B-6.  More actual melatonin than the last batch, but no chamomile or valerian root.  I don't think it worked so well.
  • From the re-runs file: Another familiar voice on an ancient sit-com.  Was listening to the Andy Griffith show, when I heard a very familiar voice.  When I looked at the TV, I saw that the role of Bert Miller was played by Sterling Holloway - the voice of Winnie the Pooh.  Oh, bother...
  • At work, I'm very focused and energetic.  At home, not so much.  I kind of  'leave it all on the field', so by the time I get home, I feel drained.  I need to get a personal secretary to keep me on task at home.
  • One of my co-workers reminds me of Papa Hemingway in his late years.  I saw this article today.
Not my co-worker, but close...
  • A while back I mentioned a job I took for a couple of weeks early this year, and that it had been posted 4-5 times since I left.  This week I noticed that the position above it had gone vacant, as well.  I had no issues with my boss, can't help wondering if he also decided that workplace was irredeemable.
  • Probably a good thing I'm not the pastor.  I could've totally illustrated tonight's sermon with Henley
  • I bought an inexpensive Cabernet Sauvignon yesterday.  It will be uncorked tonight.  New melatonin or not, I think I shall sleep well.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Warum nicht Mittwoch?

  • It would alliterate in English.
  • Many times I listen to TV more than I watch it. After all, who got time for dat?  Recently I was brushing my teeth or somesuch, and heard a decidedly familiar voice from an In the Heat of the Night episode.  Sure enough, the voice belonged to Ken Curtis.  Brief research showed the episode aired in 1990, a year before Curtis passed away.  Archie Bunker and Festus - who'd a thunk it, Matthew?
  • A stretch of road I drive on the way to work has many yards with Republican and/or Trumpence signs.  In the midst of same is one house with one HRC sign and several for candidates whose names are unpronounceable in English.
  • Who would win in a Biden/Trump cage match?  Godzilla vs. Hillary?
  • Remember Daktari?  Check out Shaqfari...
  • America needs you, Joe Clark!
  • Arvy's?  America's Roast Venison, Yes Sir!  That looks delicious!
  • Again, listening instead of watching TV, I heard a familiar actor's voice on Jimmy Stewart's 1955 Strategic Air Command.  The character was Master Sgt. Bible, B-36 flight engineer.  The actor would later go on to portray LAPD Officer Bill Gannon and M*A*S*H Colonel Sherman Potter.  So, maybe if Jimmy Stewart were still alive, he could do a J. K. Rowling movie or appear on T.D. Jakes' talk show.  The movie was partially filmed at Carswell AFB.
  • George Carlin and Richard Pryor were both on the same Carson episode last week.  I have noted previously that, due to a family friend in the record business who kept us supplied with demo copies, I could do verbatim impersonations of those, as well as Redd Foxx.  While it was amusing to my friends and classmates, I probably didn't realize that it was a bit out of tune with my career path.  In any case, watching the TV, I expected to wax nostalgic a bit during their appearances.  I didn't.  Carlin seemed much less clever than I'd thought, and Pryor was showing the effects of his drug-addled lifestyle.
  • Still, I enjoyed their movie performances in Bill & Ted, and the buddy movies with Gene Wilder.
  • Stevie Wonder is supporting HRC.  Heck, the jokes practically write themselves...
  • I am apparently lying while I'm typing this post.  What a crock.
  • One of the rerun channels has announced 'new' offerings for 2017: Head of the Class, Alice, 227, and Murphy Brown.  Lame.
  • I expected to enjoy the Wings reruns more than I have.  If it came on before Carson, I'd be more interested in watching.  

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Phil Collins was on the CBS Sunday Morning show today.

I wasn't a great fan of '80s music, but I generally liked Collins/Genesis.  Unlike some in the rock-n-roll business, he seems pretty honest and well-grounded. Apparently he is returning to performing, after nearly drinking himself to death several years ago.  While I have been aware of his interest in the Alamo, I didn't know that the collection he gifted to the State of Texas was valued at $10 million.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Don't let its misery entwine you...

This song has been covered by many artists, including Linda, Glen Campbell, and Rita Wilson [Hanks].  I missed the opportunity to see Mr. Souther earlier this year at the Kessler, as tickets sold out before I was aware he was coming to town.

I know Henley has said the Eagles are done without Glenn.  But it would be pretty awesome - and I think Glenn would have approved - if they did a tour with JD filling in.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday? Meh...

  • Clapton does Dylan:

  • What's with the new Frost Bank commercials?  They look like they could be for any other nationwide banking company rather than a Texas-based institution.  Wonder if something's up?
  • After the Dallas BLM protest where five police officers were murdered, there was some hand-wringing about the use of a robot to kill the assailant.  The other night, I caught an old movie that was in some ways prescient (from 1984 - the year, not the book/movie) of the situation.  Starring Tom Selleck (midway through his Magnum P.I. series run), G. W. Bailey, Kirstie Alley, and Chaim Witz, Runaway dealt with a police department squad in the future, formed to deal with rogue robots.
Don't think twice.
  • I don't watch Carson every night, but frequently enough to form a representative sample that indicates that whoever curates what shows air, has selected many for their campaign themes.  Quite interesting is that, even well before Monica, even prior to the '92 election, Carson was quipping about Slick Willie's indescretions, e.g., Bill was in trouble because "...Hillary found one of Amelia Earhart's shoes under the bed."
  • Interestingly, WJC was not expected to win in '92.  Another monologue bit described Paul Tsongas as the "runner up loser" (i.e., Clinton was supposed to be the loser).  It's pretty widely accepted that GHWB would've easily garnered a second term, absent the interloping of the troll from Texarkana.
  • And as if the 2016 campaign weren't stupid enough, you can buy Chia Hillary or Donald heads at retailers, Bernie by special order.
  • They market those DNA tests to 'learn your nationality' and ethnic makeup, but it's probably just as much to find out 'Who's your daddy, really?'.  Oh, the tangled webs woven...

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Somber Sábado

A lot of things have happened
Since the last time we spoke
Some of them are funny
Some of 'em ain't no joke
And I trust you will forgive me
If I lay it on the line
I always thought you were a friend of mine
  • A brief reading from the Book of Henley, My Thanksgiving chapter, first verse.
  • In my last post I favorably opined that I would not mind seeing the RNC pull the plug on its candidate for President.  As of yesterday, I upgraded that to actively wanting for the GOP to explore all possibilities for removing this arrogant buffoon, post haste.
  • In less than 30 minutes, Lorne Michaels' show will be pillorying the Republican candidate.  Tomorrow morning, I'm guessing that not a few pulpits will be asking congregants to search their consciences.  And tomorrow evening, barring a surprise announcement, we will have another campaign debate.
  • Maybe we'll have a new candidate Monday morning.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sonntag Synopsis

  • I'm afraid it's too late for Reince Priebus and the Party Poo-Bahs to stage an intervention, but I wouldn't mind seeing them try.  After nearly pulling even in several national polls after the HRC health scare, DJT and his big mouth seem determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, or at least the jaws of a respectable showing.
  • After stepping on his dong awhile back answering a reporter's question about Aleppo, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has again whiffed by not being able to name a world leader he admires.  It's a darn shame, as this is a year we could really use a credible third-party candidate.  I'll bet Ron Paul could have answered those questions.  Even before the first blunder, I sensed something was amiss when WRM praised Bill Weld, but stopped short of endorsing Johnson. If Priebus and the GOP can't dump Trump, maybe the Libertarians could jettison Johnson? 
  • Some news outlets are reporting that voting machines can be remotely hacked.  Does that include Cook County?  I wonder who the hackers support?  Are dead voters voting (D) or (R)?
  • I have not collectively watched ten minutes of NFL football this season, but did happen to see the Morris Claiborne pick today as it occurred.  That was a phenomenal play - the Большой should have such choreography.
  • The dude who wrote the Oscar Meyer jingle has died. Lots of famous people are fondly recalling hearing the song in their youth, and I don't disagree.  The Frito Bandito song was also a touchstone of my childhood, but alas it wasn't so favorably eulogized, as it was deemed culturally insensitive. ¡Ay, caramba!...
  • I just looked at that headline and realized there's a title to a tune just waiting to be written: The Man Behind the Wiener Song.  I coulda worked in the Brill Building...
  • Last outing I paid homage to the Ruger #1 rifle, the most elegant single shot rifles extant.  The other night I spied on the supermarket magazine stand a 200 year retrospective of Remington.  It featured an uncharacteristically beautiful 870 on the cover, but mid-issue there was a nice article about the Rolling Block.  
Surely not your average 870
  • The Rolling Block, to my mind, is a great blend of design and engineering.  Unlike the transitional rifles of its day, the Sharps and Trapdoor Springfields, which cobbled percussion sidelock action work to cartridge chamberings, the Remington was something new.  The action was brute strong, yet narrow, and the inline firing mechanism had a quicker lock time than the contemporary side hammer motion translation designs.  George A. Custer owned a Rolling Block.  The John Moses Browning designed Winchester 1885 high- and low wall falling block rifles are equally genius, but, unfortunately I don't own one of those.

Custer had one.  All the cool kids do.  ;-)

A modern Pedersoli repro, with pewter forend cap...yeah baby!
  • The discerning eye may note an ever so slight hint of shadbelly in the buttstocks of some reproduction versions, which is not a bad thing.
  • Billy Joe Shaver?  I don't even know 'er!

The Wacko from Waco, with some putz.