Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday? Meh...

  • Clapton does Dylan:

  • What's with the new Frost Bank commercials?  They look like they could be for any other nationwide banking company rather than a Texas-based institution.  Wonder if something's up?
  • After the Dallas BLM protest where five police officers were murdered, there was some hand-wringing about the use of a robot to kill the assailant.  The other night, I caught an old movie that was in some ways prescient (from 1984 - the year, not the book/movie) of the situation.  Starring Tom Selleck (midway through his Magnum P.I. series run), G. W. Bailey, Kirstie Alley, and Chaim Witz, Runaway dealt with a police department squad in the future, formed to deal with rogue robots.
Don't think twice.
  • I don't watch Carson every night, but frequently enough to form a representative sample that indicates that whoever curates what shows air, has selected many for their campaign themes.  Quite interesting is that, even well before Monica, even prior to the '92 election, Carson was quipping about Slick Willie's indescretions, e.g., Bill was in trouble because "...Hillary found one of Amelia Earhart's shoes under the bed."
  • Interestingly, WJC was not expected to win in '92.  Another monologue bit described Paul Tsongas as the "runner up loser" (i.e., Clinton was supposed to be the loser).  It's pretty widely accepted that GHWB would've easily garnered a second term, absent the interloping of the troll from Texarkana.
  • And as if the 2016 campaign weren't stupid enough, you can buy Chia Hillary or Donald heads at retailers, Bernie by special order.
  • They market those DNA tests to 'learn your nationality' and ethnic makeup, but it's probably just as much to find out 'Who's your daddy, really?'.  Oh, the tangled webs woven...

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