Saturday, October 8, 2016

Somber Sábado

A lot of things have happened
Since the last time we spoke
Some of them are funny
Some of 'em ain't no joke
And I trust you will forgive me
If I lay it on the line
I always thought you were a friend of mine
  • A brief reading from the Book of Henley, My Thanksgiving chapter, first verse.
  • In my last post I favorably opined that I would not mind seeing the RNC pull the plug on its candidate for President.  As of yesterday, I upgraded that to actively wanting for the GOP to explore all possibilities for removing this arrogant buffoon, post haste.
  • In less than 30 minutes, Lorne Michaels' show will be pillorying the Republican candidate.  Tomorrow morning, I'm guessing that not a few pulpits will be asking congregants to search their consciences.  And tomorrow evening, barring a surprise announcement, we will have another campaign debate.
  • Maybe we'll have a new candidate Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

That's funny because I truly believe the Dems should replace Hillary. But with who? Another commie? You're worried about Trump? Hmm.

an Donalbane said...

I don't disagree that HRC is possibly the most corrupt and tainted candidate ever - certainly in my voting lifetime. And in the past I've noted that the DNC has in the current VP a more viable/credible candidate, albeit one I still wouldn't vote for.

Against the backdrop of such high negatives of the HRC campaign, any garden variety Republican should be able to win next month. Gerald Ford, GHWB, Bob Dole, John McCain - any of those in their day could prevail over Hillary, handily. But instead we've got the [supposedly] Republican version of Ted Turner, trailing Benedict Clinton in most voting segments, and losing ground in others that should be safe blocs.

DJT's recent scandals (tax loss carryforward, crude remarks) are onerous, but, had he inoculated early in his campaign, could be mere footnotes at this stage. It is gross campaign mismanagement of the highest order. And for the Republican leadership structure at this point to stand idly by - save for a few disapproving glances - risks not only the race for President, but the identity of the GOP at large, for several election cycles to come.

Would changing horses midstream be a massive gamble, in uncharted waters? Absolutely. And against a credible candidate, wouldn't stand a snowball's chance. This cycle, with the (D) candidate's negatives, and some sources saying Johnson/Weld bleed off blue votes, there's a possibility that a fractured race ends up in the (R) controlled House, who would validate a Pence/Kasich/Fiorina/Romney bid in a heartbeat.

So concludes my punditry for today.

Anonymous said...

DJT's onerous scandals don't come close to measuring up to Hillary's blood lust so I think comparing the scandals is disingenuous. They are not equivalent. The fact is, DJT has no scandals and Hillary is literally surrounded by them.

Your prognostications are coming from polls, I take it. ALL the polls I've seen are all over the place. I am not sure how anyone can draw conclusions from them.

The conclusions I have reached are that the entire election process is fixed like the 1919 World Series. On a sadder note, most every American institution has been perverted in the last eight years (and longer). Clinton will win the presidency, not because Trump strays from the script, but because the position of president has already gone to highest bidder.

You understand, of course, the election of Hillary is a vote for worldwide communism and the ongoing oligarchy. The law is broken, there is no longer a social contract. Soon, only the bankers and lawyers will have jobs.

Additionally, I am sure you understand that the

Anonymous said...

...election of Clinton is simply another milestone in the long slide into ultimate violent revolution. Burn it down, string up the culprits.

an Donalbane said...

Again, I don't contest that warts-and-all, DJT is preferable to HRC, although I think there would have been better standard bearers for the GOP. He has demonstrated that he is a loose cannon who offers untested potential; HRC has proven, over decades, that she, her husband, and their cronies, are treasonous to the United States.

What is particularly frosting my gizzards at this point is that the jackass seems incapable or unwilling to keep his damn mouth shut. Pre-convention, he seemingly gained support with every random tweet or outburst, but here in the final stretch, it's been the opposite. At this point, I don't think there are seriously any undecided votes left out there, and that he needs to better manage his campaign to avoid bleeding any groups already in his column.

To your last point, I received an email yesterday chronicling the Obama/Clinton regime's wholesale betrayal of America by selling ambassadorships and trade policy committee positions to those whose interests are counter to ours. So pervasive and entrenched are the bureaucracies thus infiltrated, that even a positive outcome at the ballot box will likely not suffice to eradicate the disease that has been growing in our government.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Your last point is the clincher and although it makes me shudder, it is time (past time actually) to either do something about all the corruption or move to... well, there's no place to run anymore. So, that means we're stuck in a political pressure cooker. Shall we hold our breath until the shooting starts?

The thing about Trump is that he ran the gauntlet, submitted himself to the process and won the primaries. Replacing him at this point is exactly what the Democrats want. A populist movement is trying to grow, despite the media and crooked government. Additionally, we want to replace our candidate because why? Well, because he said something that the Democrats reacted strongly to. He did it several times, but the truth is, he did not say anything in his missives that I disagreed with, plus the Demos are going to react strongly to anything and everything! It doesn't matter who says it. They destroyed Romney and they are following the same course with Trump. People are idiots and there is no shortage of foolish imagination on the progressive side.

If we allow the Progs to define the limits of each argument, we are bound to lose every time. However, they cannot define the argument presented by bullets and blood. That, my friend, is where we seem to be headed in any case.

It looks like these communist bastards are going to get their way (because of the cowardice and corruption of American men). I realize that's all right with many people because they are frightened of any martial alternative and terrified of losing their phony baloney jobs and OMG, how would they make a car payment if the banks failed? And what if the welfare checks stopped coming?

Is freedom still important enough to fight for?

Trump already won the candidacy. At this point, tricky strategies are just that -- tricky.

You know, in any case, like I've said over and over again, it's a rigged game and even four years ago we knew Hillary was going to be shoved down our collective throats in 2016. The globalists own us all. Welcome to the machine.