Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday's tinkerings

  • As the rain prevents doing chores outside, I may putter around on some projects in the garage this afternoon.
  • Last night I read about a beer commercial that is allegedly 'terribly racist', according to someone called 'Chance the Rapper'. The video wouldn't open on my phone, so I checked it this morning on my desk computer. The charge about it being racist is a stretch.  
  • Over the weekend, I fulfilled a minor wish list item. I'd been wanting to go to the Old Home Supply Store since hearing about them 3-4 years ago. Daughter and I enjoyed perusing the merchandise, in many cases playing "what do you suppose this is/was?"
 You can't beat a  Dread-horse

Rock on, woman!
(I wonder if the N. K. Fairbank Co. received twiddles branding them as racists...) 
  • My research indicates that the mascots - who today would most likely not be considered politically correct - featured on the product above were named Goldie and Dustie. The N. K. Fairbank Company was apparently a major supplier of home cleaning supplies from the late 1800s through the mid-20th century. Proctor & Gamble bought out some of their product lines.
  • A co-worker who does not like the man-bun texted me this this morning:

  •  The circus blogger this morning posted a helpful guide regarding the information facebooks keeps on its users.  Maybe on account of having this blog, I never felt the need to have the facebooks.
  • My church is very much technology forward.  A few years ago, I was going to load a Bible app on my phone. When I looked at all the 'permissions' that the developer retained, I decided that my paper Bible worked just fine. I don't have anything to hide, but why would I let people I don't know, anyplace on earth, run amok through the information on my phone?
  • To this day, when people tell me all the swell things I could do with this or that app on my phone, I just smile and say "Wow, that sounds cool!"
  • When I was in high school, my buddy's dad who owned a bank drove a Mark V (later a Mark VI). We sometimes borrowed it, because it was cool to ride around in a car with a phone. I thought of that when I saw this pristine doppelganger of that car the other day:
 Bring back the opera window!
  •  After touring the used building materials, Daughter and I found a hidden urban spring a couple of miles north, where I decided to refresh my feet in the brisk flowing waters:
 I took the picture after I put my sock back on. I did not want to snow-blind my readers...
  •  The movement to divide the Peoples Republic of California may be gaining ground. If only I knew where to send contributions. 
  • Of this, ComKev would say "I weep for the species." Circus blogger might call it Idiocracy. In any event, there's no shortage of evil in the world.
  • Observed this in the outside patio garden of an art gallery just east of downtown. Daughter says I should make one of these:
I think I would lack the patience to weld 200 washers together...
  • I support the Right to Bear Bows. I have recently been on a mission to re-string my recurve bows. I still have to order a string for the Pinto, per my research dating to the 1960s. I also have a Bear Black Bear assault (compound) bow, not shown. 

Bow-wow! Ben Pearson Pinto, Fred Bear Kodiak, Shakespeare Manitou.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday wonderings

  •  Ford is recalling over a million cars due to the steering wheels coming off.

Race cars have been doing this for years...
  • Whoa, Toto!
  • It's reported today that high school students are taking the streets to protest gun violence.  I hope the streets start obeying the laws.
  • This isn't your father's.
  • Oldest son forwarded this to me:
  • About three years ago, I spent four days on a murder trial jury. Last month, I received a jury summons - I thought my prior service would exempt me, but it was too far back. So, I went to the Central Jury Room in the nearby large town, thinking perhaps I'd not get chosen. However, there were few people there that day, and not only was I selected for a jury pool, but with a low number, I was also picked for a jury.
  • As it happened, the trial lasted three days. 
  • Where is that Flex-Tape?
That's at least a 3 roll repair...
  •  Back to steering wheels, this one seems a bit complicated:

 There's a lot going on there...
  • I have an arsenal of recurve archery bows, and one assault (compound) bow. Only the compound and one of the recurves have strings, but that is soon to change as I have ordered a new string for my Bear Kodiak bow. My Pinto will have to wait - it's the longest (66" AMO), almost a longbow.
  • In the ongoing whack-a-mole that is the HRC blame game tour, the failed 2016 Presidential contender has now blamed misogynist white men and their wives for her defeat, while accusing the same of opposing black progress, and resenting women and Indian-Americans in the workplace. My rough calculation is that the former State Secretary has now blamed about 75% of the American population for her defeat. Yet she still believes she's relevant.