Friday, January 31, 2014

Well, will ya?

This is not the very best, acoustically, but I thought it apropos on the occasion of the end of Jay Leno's stewardship of The Tonight Show.

Here's another version, with crisper video and sound, featuring a playful Stevie, and Mick changing up the beat a bit near the end.

I have long said that Lindsey doesn't get the respect he deserves as a guitarist. It's also been announced that the classic Chain gang line up of this legendary band will reunite in the studio this year for a new album, and supposedly Christine will even participate in a subsequent tour.

As you know, my producers require, contractually, that I make sufficient reference to dead musicians on these blog pages.  You also remember, of course, that Lindsey Buckingham learned to play guitar by listening to Kingston Trio¹ LPs.

The Trio performed and recorded "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" and "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" - both songs of Pete Seeger's².

There, Mission Accomplished!

¹ Two original members (Guard, Reynolds) and one replacement (Stewart) dead.
² Dead this week at age 94.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Everybody gotta go sometime

Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life laying down the boogie.  
John 15:13, ever so slightly abridged.

h/t: Steppenwolf

I coulda gone to the Golden Arches

Last Saturday evening, courtesy of my friend the high school valedictorian¹ who gives generously enough to the alumni association to get tickets to this soirée (and whose wife doesn't dig going to that kind of thing), I dined at the Park City Club.  The annual event, named for the late former CEO (and his wife) of a large media company, honors a notable alumnus.  None from my class has ever received this award, nor is likely to.

Seated 17 stories above the tollway, less than a mile from that other Donald's mansion, and less than two miles from the former President's home, it was a far sight better than baloney sammiches and beer.

View looking southwest - my seat was to the left of the corner wall sconces, with the napkin draped over the chairback.

In contrast to my normal life, this was one of those events where suits and ties are de riguer for menfolk.  It was almost scandalous that one or two attendees did not wear neckties.  I elected to wear a charcoal suit with a contrasting herringbone vest, and crisply patterned geometric tie, giving the suggestion of formalwear, but not so much as wearing a tuxedo.

View toward the podium.

Hey...rabbit food!  Actually, it was quite good.

Since they had just announced last call, I snagged a reserve gin & tonic (on cocktail napkin).

As you might have surmised if you've read this blog much, I'm not a heavy drinker. But once a year, at this occasion, I tend to have three mixed drinks, plus wine with dinner.  Inasmuch as I avail myself to the hors d'oeuvres every time the waiter comes around during cocktail hour, followed by a full meal with dessert, and don't have to drive for about 1-1/2 hours, it's all good.

The tenderloin filet with fresh grated horseradish was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  The carrot souffle was sort of a miss.

OK, flashback to reality - where'd I leave my can of beanie weenies and YooHoo?

¹  The valedictorian weren't really no smarter than me, much.  His 1430 SAT was a measly 10 points higher than mine, with a grossly eccentric Math/Verbal spread of 130 points - vs my more balanced differential of only 80 points.  I think they just chose him on account of instead of engaging serious pursuits like recording most excellent high SNR Maxell UDXLII cassettes, expertly segued, of the best of Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Chicago, Linda Ronstadt, Heart, and James Taylor, and working on an early prototype of Mr. Donald's Opus Bloggus, he chose to frivolously fritter his time with things like, um, studying, and later getting a master's degree and stuff.  Go figure.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MTB - It's good for what ails you

This is, IMO, the greatest Southern rock song of all time.  No offense intended toward ABB, CDB, Molly, Skynyrd, or 38 Special.

A couple of weeks ago, oldest son and I found ourselves singing this song, a cappella (on account of Siri couldn't find the song on his phone), in the cab of a 4x4 V-10 Dodge 2500 we were using to pull his totalled truck out of a bar ditch.  I don't think I've ever listenened to this song without getting a smile on my face.

And this is the extended, album cut - like they play on KZPS, not the sliced and diced KLUV quickie version.

I'd also put the plaintive Can't You See in my top 5 CR pantheon.  MTB's canon may not have been so extensive as some of those other bands', but in 1977, they were at the top of the art form.

Seven Year Aches - RC²

Seems like only yesterday, but it was about seven years ago this week when I first learned my home life was about to go into uncharted waters.

At the time, I wasn't much enthusiastic about the changes, but in hindsight - it's got to have been better than reaching middle- or old- age, only to learn that the person you've trusted to stand beside you is nowhere to be found.

C'est la vie...

Here's an old song that dates back to the late '70s, but, based on the permed hairdos and shoulder pads - I'd say this version is from the gheyties. There was a clip from ACL with Roseanne in boots with tucked-in jeans - a look that's always hawt - but the audio was uninspiring.

And, in other news, El Capitan y Tenille have decided to sail different seas.  He's 71 and has Parkinson's.  That's gotta suck.

So there really is a benefit to dry-docking your dinghy early, I suppose.