Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MTB - It's good for what ails you

This is, IMO, the greatest Southern rock song of all time.  No offense intended toward ABB, CDB, Molly, Skynyrd, or 38 Special.

A couple of weeks ago, oldest son and I found ourselves singing this song, a cappella (on account of Siri couldn't find the song on his phone), in the cab of a 4x4 V-10 Dodge 2500 we were using to pull his totalled truck out of a bar ditch.  I don't think I've ever listenened to this song without getting a smile on my face.

And this is the extended, album cut - like they play on KZPS, not the sliced and diced KLUV quickie version.

I'd also put the plaintive Can't You See in my top 5 CR pantheon.  MTB's canon may not have been so extensive as some of those other bands', but in 1977, they were at the top of the art form.


el chupacabra said...

Yep, theres greatness in that music.

Always wanted a V10 It just sounds cool but I've heard the long length makes it prone to leaks and other ill.s

todd said...

I asked Siri if anybody in the MTB was still alive. She said she was only programmed with information people care about.

The Donald said...

K: It's not really that long, it stops just short of the rear axle...

T: While we were going to get the tow strap from my garage, he was telling me how cool Siri was - of course I asked him if Siri could get his truck out of the ditch (at 3 in the morning). He admitted she doesn't really do anything useful.

YM said...

You could very well be the male version of me with the addition of intelligence and wit. OK, so it could be that we just like the same music.

The Donald said...

YM has won the internets with this comment, featuring a delightful ambiguity in the form of the restrictive - or is it unrestrictive - clause: with the addition of intelligence and wit. Like a fine, unfiltered microbrewpub ale, the antecedent's unclarity gives rise to multiple meanings.

Regina could be expressing kindred spirituality with the blog writer, and ascribing additional characteristics to the latter. Or, she could be suggesting - knowing that the blog author would also know the subjunctive mood, Glenn Miller - that if only he possessed such traits, he might be like her. It's not inconceivable.

See, this blogbusiness is not for the faint of brain.

- DF Vizzini

Now, where's that iocane powder?