Sunday, July 28, 2013

Volunteers Pump You Up!

Y'all know by now that, uh, I'm not exactly the Rap/Hip-Hop kinda dude.

But, my church does frequently use the idiom to get its message out.  Take a look:

Oh, and here's the graphic from the series just started yesterday/today:

Do you ever feel like your life is dry? We often turn to so many good things to fill us up but they never really relationships, food, drink, or sex. Its like we are thirsty. How do we quench that thirst? The Bible says those who "drink the water He gives will never thirst again." (John 4:14) "Don?t be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit." (Eph 5:18) God has everything you'll ever need. His tap never runs dry. He offers unlimited Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Power, and his Presence. What does this cost us? nothing?the tab is covered.

Beginning the weekend of July 27/28, Pastor Brandon Thomas will begin a new series called "God on Tap." This Summer, TAP into God's unlimited FLOW for your life and never thirst again. God's power for your life FLOWS FREELY.

It may or may not sit well with some of the other churches.  But the root beer in the lobby, after service, was great.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

41 the Blogger?

In a move that underscores the premise that George Herbert Walker Bush is undoubtedly the most decent living former CIC, the last (R) President of the 20th century today shaved his head in solidarity with the follically challenged Todd the Blogger, as well as a young leukemia patient:

No word yet on whether the Houstonian plans to grow a beard, but he does already occasionally wear garish, mismatched socks...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Toys-r-Us...R U Kidding Me?

So, in tonight's email bag is an offer from the publisher of Guns & Ammo (yeah, maybe I'm a subscriber), alerting me to a new magazine called Trigger, featured below.

Now, I don't know if every issue will be like this, but if that isn't about the ugliest and most ungainly contraption I've ever seen, then I don't think I'll be ponying up my $12 bucks or whatever.  I recognize that plastic, er, polymer is here to stay, and is even desirable in some circumstances, despite my fuddy-duddy preference for walnut or cocobolo and steel. But that dang thing pictured looks like something Ahnold would sport, or maybe some twerp kid raised with Transformers and Legos instead of Buddy L, Daisy, and GI Joe.

One more thing - I don't think Roy and Dale would give a hoot for the name, either.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Drive My Car...Please!

Daughter and I just returned from a concert in the park, featuring JPG&R tribute band 'Me & My Monkey':

When the concert ended, Daughter said "Daddy, let's go say 'hello' to the band."

Did I go up to the stage and ask "Paul" & "John", "Hey guys - is it really true 'the love you make is equal to the love you take?"


Why, what would make you think I would do something so juvenile/sophomoric?

They said it was true.

"Um, that's awesome!"  (And then they all said "Awesome", as well.)

I am also reminded of a funny story, related to me a few years back by Todd the Blogger, about the themed summer series at his old church, when the music director wanted to do an amalgamation of the Monkees and the Beatles.  But I'll let him tell that story.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Breaking News from the music world

London - This week, 'Harry' was laid off from his daytime job, a victim of the slowing economy.

Asked for comment, he said he's still "doing alright", but "deeply resent[s] not making the scene."

As the philosopher said - the times, they are a changin'.

What will you ask for?

At a sales training session last week, I related an object lesson I'd taught my daughter the week prior.  If you're Todd the Pastor Blogger, you may want to tune out about now.

It seems that a week earlier than that, I'd stopped by the local Kohl's after Saturday evening church to update my work wardrobe.  I was specifically looking for some putty-colored (oyster - for my fashionistas, Advocate readers, and Dew) easy care slacks.  Finding none my size in that color, I did happen across some dark tan (taupe, if you're keeping score) microfiber plain front slacks, on sale for $21.99.  Reasoning that a similar pair I already had were showing their age, and too tired/lazy to use the fitting room, I proceeded to the checkout, where I was able to play the scratch-off discount lottery to get an additionl 15% savings - just for using my Kohl's card, which is not even in my ex-wife's name.

I got home to find I had a 30% off coupon on the front table, but shrugged it off as no big deal.

The following week, Daughter and I were returning from the big mall north of the big airport.  I just happened to have my 30% off coupon with me, so we stopped in the Kohl's in the town where the rich people live and shop.  I was immediately delighted to find that they had the exact style and size of putty-colored slacks...but they were no longer $21.99.  I glanced at the 30% coupon in my hand - it had expired mid-week.

Nonetheless, I summoned a passing saleschick, asking if I could speak with a manager or assistant manager. Within half a minute, it was arranged.  I explained - truthfully - that I'd shopped for just such a pair of slacks the prior Saturday, purchased a similar pair, and would've purchased these if they'd been at  the store near my house.  I asked if she could match the prior week's price, as well as honor the expired 30% discount.

I was not shocked that she agreed with my request without hesitation - Kohl's does a very good job of customer service, even if they're not so good at purging ex-wives who never lived at your new address from their mailing list.  And in just a couple minutes' time, I had saved about 50%, or enough to buy us an average dinner at Chili's.

The lesson I gave to my Daughter, and later to the sales class, was:  You don't get what you don't ask for.

Driving to work in the pre-dawn the other day - radio off - I wondered if there were other hidden deals, where a bountiful cornucopia awaits behind a metaphorical Monty Hall's door #3, just for the asking.

The answer was perfectly clear - yes!  Hiding in plain sight.

Riches far greater than anything Messrs. Kohl and Hall can offer - no coupon (expired or not) or spinning wheel required to redeem - the discount has already been prepaid for you and me, waiting just for us to claim it.  It doesn't take a multi-year PhD degree plan, a 12-step course, six video lessons, three box-tops, a shower & a shave, or negotiating with 'The Banker' to claim.

It's there.  It only takes asking for, and accepting, the Gift.  The Gift that awaits every man, woman and child.

Face it - you're not on Monty Hall's list to receive any gift.  Eventually, Mr. Kohl may drop you from his list, too.  But from the beginning of time, until the end, you are on God's list.

Will you ask for it?  Have you asked for it?

Climb Ev'ry Mountain

Was out at the mall a couple of weeks ago - if I weren't just so darn chipper, it would probably be a beat-down, watching all the hucksters with their tschotskes, cell phone covers, memory-form silly putty, and modern day magic elixers - and people buying that *stuff*.

If I were twenty again, I think I'd build a tiny house on about ten acres, with a basement/storm shelter, a garage, a barn, and a workshop.  

But I wouldn't want to have mountains o' things.  You can't accumulate too much *stuff* in a 288 ft² house, now, can you?

Life, stripped down to the essentials - and time to enjoy what's important.

Is it wrong?

Presenting the latest episode in my community college folk music appreciation series, in which the viewer learns that [underrated] guitar virtuoso Lindsey Buckingham taught himself to play the instrument by listening to Kingston Trio records:

And in which John Stewart is dressed as a rocker, while Lindsey sports attire evocative of the Trio's college circuit days.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Karen and Richard rock out Burbank

While searching for something else, I ran across this:

IMO, the most beautiful singing voice of ever.

Burbank, John Davidson (I'm totally getting that haircut next trip to Great Clips!), Richard & Karen - I nearly jumped up from the blogdesk to go buy a gallon of milk.  Now that's incredible!.

And here, an appearance by the Dynamic Duo with the Man himself, recounting an early experience as talent at Disneyland - musically blending smooth jazz with nuclear polka - sorta like Creed Taylor does Mahna Mahna.  I remember the song well from 'back in the day' (why, yes - it was on 8-track - how did you know?), but never knew the back story.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What the what?

Necessity may well be the mother of invention, but I'm not sure who's the father of the following.  It seems that Slide Fire, maker of bump-trip AR stocks, has come up with an AR receiver conversion to allow use of belt-fed linked rounds.  You know, for those of you struggling to find a way to quickly deplete your scarce supplies of hard-to-find (and afford) ammo.

Honestly, while that's cool and all, I'd take a [John Moses Browning-designed] Winchester 1885 single shot rifle in .45-90 over that any day.