Saturday, July 20, 2013

Drive My Car...Please!

Daughter and I just returned from a concert in the park, featuring JPG&R tribute band 'Me & My Monkey':

When the concert ended, Daughter said "Daddy, let's go say 'hello' to the band."

Did I go up to the stage and ask "Paul" & "John", "Hey guys - is it really true 'the love you make is equal to the love you take?"


Why, what would make you think I would do something so juvenile/sophomoric?

They said it was true.

"Um, that's awesome!"  (And then they all said "Awesome", as well.)

I am also reminded of a funny story, related to me a few years back by Todd the Blogger, about the themed summer series at his old church, when the music director wanted to do an amalgamation of the Monkees and the Beatles.  But I'll let him tell that story.


todd said...

Gotta admit I don't remember the story I evidently told but I do appreciate the Chris Farly interview.

The Donald said...

Brah, you disappoint me - you are the best storyteller I know - you can't go forgetting your own stories!

todd said...

I'll make up another.

The Donald said...

There's the spirit!