Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Karen and Richard rock out Burbank

While searching for something else, I ran across this:

IMO, the most beautiful singing voice of ever.

Burbank, John Davidson (I'm totally getting that haircut next trip to Great Clips!), Richard & Karen - I nearly jumped up from the blogdesk to go buy a gallon of milk.  Now that's incredible!.

And here, an appearance by the Dynamic Duo with the Man himself, recounting an early experience as talent at Disneyland - musically blending smooth jazz with nuclear polka - sorta like Creed Taylor does Mahna Mahna.  I remember the song well from 'back in the day' (why, yes - it was on 8-track - how did you know?), but never knew the back story.


todd said...

reateRm"While searching for something else, I ran across this:" - Do you ever search for singers that are still alive?

The Donald said...