Thursday, October 27, 2016

Warum nicht Mittwoch?

  • It would alliterate in English.
  • Many times I listen to TV more than I watch it. After all, who got time for dat?  Recently I was brushing my teeth or somesuch, and heard a decidedly familiar voice from an In the Heat of the Night episode.  Sure enough, the voice belonged to Ken Curtis.  Brief research showed the episode aired in 1990, a year before Curtis passed away.  Archie Bunker and Festus - who'd a thunk it, Matthew?
  • A stretch of road I drive on the way to work has many yards with Republican and/or Trumpence signs.  In the midst of same is one house with one HRC sign and several for candidates whose names are unpronounceable in English.
  • Who would win in a Biden/Trump cage match?  Godzilla vs. Hillary?
  • Remember Daktari?  Check out Shaqfari...
  • America needs you, Joe Clark!
  • Arvy's?  America's Roast Venison, Yes Sir!  That looks delicious!
  • Again, listening instead of watching TV, I heard a familiar actor's voice on Jimmy Stewart's 1955 Strategic Air Command.  The character was Master Sgt. Bible, B-36 flight engineer.  The actor would later go on to portray LAPD Officer Bill Gannon and M*A*S*H Colonel Sherman Potter.  So, maybe if Jimmy Stewart were still alive, he could do a J. K. Rowling movie or appear on T.D. Jakes' talk show.  The movie was partially filmed at Carswell AFB.
  • George Carlin and Richard Pryor were both on the same Carson episode last week.  I have noted previously that, due to a family friend in the record business who kept us supplied with demo copies, I could do verbatim impersonations of those, as well as Redd Foxx.  While it was amusing to my friends and classmates, I probably didn't realize that it was a bit out of tune with my career path.  In any case, watching the TV, I expected to wax nostalgic a bit during their appearances.  I didn't.  Carlin seemed much less clever than I'd thought, and Pryor was showing the effects of his drug-addled lifestyle.
  • Still, I enjoyed their movie performances in Bill & Ted, and the buddy movies with Gene Wilder.
  • Stevie Wonder is supporting HRC.  Heck, the jokes practically write themselves...
  • I am apparently lying while I'm typing this post.  What a crock.
  • One of the rerun channels has announced 'new' offerings for 2017: Head of the Class, Alice, 227, and Murphy Brown.  Lame.
  • I expected to enjoy the Wings reruns more than I have.  If it came on before Carson, I'd be more interested in watching.  

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