Sunday, August 11, 2013

OK, so I guess it didn't work out, huh?

Seen at a local Goodwill store - a sign of the times - not sure who's gonna buy that.

Sorry, Jules & Jus - guess it just wasn't meant to be.

I suppose Dee or Zin just figured sometimes it's best to do as Joe the Journalist did and just forget the psycho, and move on.


todd said...

It's been over three years and I can't forget the psycho. But i'm with Joe. Divorce sucks.

el chupacabra said...

Pick up an inspirational/self help book in Goodwill or other resale place and it seems they were all given for graduations or birthdays and signed, Love Dad.

Maybe the intended got the message and their lives were forever changed but I always imagine those books being used to balance table legs until the giftee graduates. They then get donated with the rest of the persons dorm detritus.

The Donald said...

Chalupa - Funny you should mention that. Daughter and I were in the Haltom City GW yesterday. I looked at The Orange Code, a business book about transforming leadership culture to create great companies.

It bore a handwritten inscription from "Vernon" to "Sherri" and referenced recreating the success of their prior FTW [name omitted here] institution. I was able to deduce the identity of the giver, though not the recipient (I suppose if I set my mind to do the research, I could do that as well - just doesn't seem that important).

While there were no indentations from the table leg, the book didn't look like it had been opened, either...

Brigid said...

As for Joe - you have to love a guy who has a dog named Haggis. Joe will be OK, we all eventually are OK, but being mad at someone is harder when there's just a gravestone to vent to.

The Donald said...

Brigid - Good point.

Couldn't help chuckling seeing your avatar. The whole "Keep Calm and ____" has gone so popular that my church is even doing a series based on the concept.