Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hier nicht pinkeln, bitte.

  • Great to finally get a couple of decent weather days this week!
  • Oldest son invited me to go bowling last Saturday night with his fam. We had a great time, even if I suck at bowling.
Not bowling, but enjoying the light show...
  • This week I was occasioned to go to Tyler.  Between Canton and Ben Wheeler I saw this sign:
Eastbound view
  • The photo was found from the internet, as I couldn't snap one at 60 mph.
NEWSBREAK!  We interrupt this blogpost for an in-studio commentary from the late Miss Emily Litella.

TD [sternly]:  Miss Litella, you were supposed to give your commentary seven minutes ago.
EL:  Oh, I'm very sorry, Mr. Ronald.  I was talking with Rosanne Rosannadanna in my dressing room...
TD [annoyed]:  Actually, it's Mr. Donald, Miss Litella.  I guess it's always something, isn't it?  Please, give your commentary.
EL:  Well, I just wanted to comment about the Little Hope Baptist Church.
TD:  Yes, what about it?
EL:  Why bother?
TD:  Why bother what?
EL:  I just don't see the point of going to the Baptist Church if there's little ho...
TD [interrupting]:  Miss Litella, Little Hope is a 19th century farming community in East Texas.  It's in the same county where former California Assembly Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown was bo...
EL:  But, shouldn't there be some chance of redemption?
TD:  He's a Democrat and a Californian now - I'm not sure Willie Brown can be redeemed.
EL:  No, I mean the parishoners at Little Hope Church.  I think they need some kind of encouragement to keep them going.
TD:  Yes, yes, of course, but the name is for the community, not that they're any less optimistic or faithful in their beliefs.
EL:  Oh...I see.  Well that's different.  Never mind...
TD:  Thank you, Miss Litella.  Good night.
EL [unexpectedly returning to the commentary desk]:  Mr. Ronald, will you be sure to tell Todd that Lisa Loopner said hello?
TD [exasperated]:  Of course, Miss Litella, I'll forward the message.  And now for our next story...

Resume regular blogposting.
  • This is similar to the motorcycle I had in high school:
It'd be a bit underpowered for me now,
but it was fun back then.
  • With all the animal rights groups and sensitivity these days, this guy gets fired?
  • ComKev wrote recently about vandals marking up a limestone outcropping at Lake Murray.  Well, a couple of California-twits have them beat - they thought it would be OK to carve their initials in the Coliseum. No, not the L.A. Coliseum - the old one in Rome. But apparently, Americans aren't alone - some Chinese added their own heiroglyphs to an Egyptian site.
  • Dude, you shoulda just got out of there and let it go.
  • If you reload .45 ACP, you probably know that some manufacturers have used cases with small primer pockets.  I found a few such Blazer cases from some scrounged range brass.
Speer (left), uses the normal Large Pistol Primer
Blazer (right), with Small Pistol Primer pocket
  • Ironically, both headstamps were manufactured by the Alliant Techsystems/ATK/CCI/Speer conglomerate, recently re-configured as Vista Outdoor Inc.
  • South African doctors have reportedly achieved a successful middle leg transplant, a feat previously attempted, but failed, in China.  No wang? Dang!  (Maybe they used the wrong dong?)  Apparently, the South African's elephant had been a casualty of complications from a botched turtleneck removal.  Ouch! 
  • I pondered recently whether Mineral Wells health elixir was available in my local market.  Well, I have my answer, as it is carried in the nearby Albertsons, albeit only in the #3 variety:
It's Alkaline - a couple of shots with some
Famous Grouse, you'll be the Energizer Bunny!
  • In Tyler, I saw a Whataburger that's way cooler than any I've seen locally: 
Whataburger meets Hard Rock Cafe...
  • This would be a cool car to restore, just as a lark:
Well, what else would it be?
  • Before crashing the Millennium Falcon into a Putt-Putt, Indiana Jones uncovered a unique Old West artifact: 
The original Cowtown Segway,
reportedly unearthed in Hell's Half Acre.

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