Thursday, September 24, 2015

Land of the Free, Home of the...Gullible?

  • So, right on the heels of a hoax by an Irving teen's family, which the national - and international - media initially lapped up like Pavlov's dog, we now have an event in our nation's capital, in which a young Hispanic girl mysteriously defeated phalanxes of Secret Service and Swiss Guards to hand the visiting Pontiff a telegram t-shirt requesting assistance for the village of Santo Poco illegal immigrants to defeat the nefarious El Guapo United States' national sovereignty.
  • No word yet on whether the POTUS has invited the girl to bring her t-shirt invention to the Oval Office.
  • Evidently. the plight of the poor, downtrodden, illiegal immigrants is not so onerous as to preclude taking off from work to travel cross-country with one's family to troll international media sentiment.
  • Once you fall from grace, the narrative continues: A Fox News headline tease that Paula Deen nearly ruined Tracy Morgan's surprise Emmy appearance.
  • Of course, on reading the article, one learns that they simply crossed paths in a hotel lobby, and snapped a photo together, after which Morgan's crew simply requested Deen to keep it under wraps (off social media) until after the Emmy's had aired.
  • Rubble-to-riches: Texas Tiny Houses.
  • Donald Hugh gives the Other The Donald the what for.  I agree with Donald Hugh.
  • And although I scribble this silly blog, I also don't tweet, instagram, pinterest or facebook.
  • Donald Hugh's new CD, Cass County, arrives tomorrow.  As I understand it, it's been ready for release for months, maybe years, but he wanted to wait until the various Eagles' tours were over so that he could tour to promote it.
Odd thought: Wonder what he would look like with Spock ears?
  • In 2008, I took the kids on a side trip from Jefferson to Linden, specifically to see the community where Henley grew up.
  • Not really that much to see. I'd like to go to a concert at Music City Texas Theater sometime though.  Apparently J. D. Souther appeared there the night before his recent Kessler Theater show in Oak Cliff.
  • I have a pair of Johnston & Murphy 'Passport' dress casual loafers, that I got at a resale shop.  After some initial buyer's remorse (they weren't as attractive as I thought), I began wearing them as houseshoes, as they're easy to put on/take off.  I also found that they're near indestructible - they've outlasted 2-3 pairs of other shoes of similar style.
Not mine, but same model, on Ebay.
  • I don't know who comes up with this stuff, but AOL has declared this song as the most 'feel good' tune ever.  Although I am a self-admitted dinosaur rock aficionado (albeit not a huge Queen fan), and have completed two college level rock history courses, I was not familiar with the song.
  • If I were nominating from my vinyl or CD library, Jay Ferguson's Thunder Island, Frampton's Baby I Love Your Way, Jackson Browne's Running On Empty, Heart's Crazy on You, Fleetwood Mac's Say You Will Go Your Own Way, or any of half a dozen of Chicago's brass-infused numbers could easily top my list.

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