Sunday, January 29, 2017

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

  • ...and I wasn't anywhere near Wichita Falls (or Iowa Park, take your pick).
  • I started to turn on the morning pundit fest(s) this morning, but instead reasoned that if anyone's press secretary or former campaign manager said anything outlandish or whatnot, it'll be regurgitated and dissected ad nauseam all week long.
  • In the evenings before bedtime, I will put Sienna up on the bed about a half hour before I retire - so that she will have the foot area warmed up for me.  Then, when I get in the bed, I nudge her out of the way, but my feet are cozy.  I would feel guilty (just a smidgen), except that she often signals to me that she wants up on the cama, and she always parks herself at the foot, even though she could choose anywhere else to settle.
  • Since repairing my bike tyre, I have not taken a ride except for around the block to circulate the Slime that I added to the patched inner tube.  Tomorrow that will change.
  • The hue and cry about temporary detentions of people at airports around the country is not entirely unmerited.  But it is well worth noting that - despite the hyperbole and comparisons to Nazis, etc. - these persons are not in danger.  It may be time to bust the myth that the USA is the world's 'crash pad'.  Emma Lazarus' excerpted words inside the base of Lady Liberty (affixed in the early 20th century) do not represent national policy.  A nation that exercises no control over its borders faces a bleak destiny and will most certainly cede its sovereignty.  Just look at Mexico's colonization policy for the Mexican Texas province from 1821-1836.  Only the feeble-minded will advance the notion of unmitigated immigration, yet there's no question those same people lock the doors of their houses/apartments at night.
  • I can't say that DJT will guide the US expertly in immigration matters, but he will act decisively.  I further trust that if/when he strays from prudent policy, our [little 'r'] republican form of government will provide the necessary checks and balances.
  • A column by pop psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow posits that DJT's bombast and fixation on minutiae are diversionary tactics to keep simpletons (which describes much of the media) fascinated, while he stays busy putting policy into action.  Even if I'm not 100% in agreement, I would say I'm gravitating toward that view.
  • The hopeful romantic in me thinks that maybe I will someday meet an honest woman.  But my realist reminds me of the wisdom of my friend Todd the Blogger, who once told me: "For every guy who thinks he's found the perfect woman, there's another guy who says [about the same woman] 'Thank God and Greyhound' she's gone."
  • I've noticed that the programmers of  the rerun TV channels are quite adept at airing episodes that reflect (or perhaps presage) current events.  Tonight's installment of In the Heat of the Night had Gillespie (Carroll O'Connor) and Tibbs trying to protect a Salvadoran refugee who has taken sanctuary in a local monastery.  The episode's title was "Sanctuary" (season 5, episode 21) - it would be interesting to know if it had been scheduled weeks ago to run in that slot, or was chosen as a result of this weekend's news stories.
  • I have about 3 dozen emails in the past 10 days with the heading "Valentines Day", though they seem to be adverts for a myriad of products or services.  I'm going to have to update my spam filter.
  • Everyone wants to create a solution for a real or perceived problem, and make a boatload of lucre for their efforts.  A generation ago, Pfizer introduced its little blue pill, and not long after, the other pharmas followed with Cialis and Levitra.  I don't know but I been told that those are about $10 a hit.  Not outrageous like $600 Epi-pens, but still, given the economy and human reality, I think I have a better product in mind.
  • Instead of $10 tablets, my ED product will be called something like 'Lite-Lift', with a price point of about 50 cents, designed to 'raise the flag' for just a brief duration. I'll have a focus group with the voices in my head, and we'll run a series of commercials with taglines like: "Let's face it - neither one of you wants to go for four hours", and "Because you both know that any more than four minutes is wasted anyway."
  • Y'all can say you knew me (and the voices) when.
  • On Carnac the other night, probably from '86-87 (not long after 18 F-111s made a brief visit to the Northern African coast): "Muammar Khadafi (we pronounced it with a 'K' back then) - Describe the sound a cow makes when it loses its lunch."
  • Further proving my theory that rerun programmers keenly watch current events, that gem aired a couple of days after B-2 bombers annihilated a few scores of ISIL operatives in Libya.

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