Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday's Whispers

  • The other day I made a Juggalo reference over at ComKev's blog.  Later I found this:
Maybe he can wield a Presidential hatchet instead of a gavel.
  •  I had kinda used the Juggalo bit as a throwaway gag, but it got me to wondering what actually animates the Dark Carnival.  I found this article.  While it may espouse some opinions I don't share, it offered some interesting insights.
  • It was recently suggested to me that men who voted for DJT/against HRC did so because "she represented the brainy/wonky/nerdy girl in high school or college who had rejected their advances."  I can't necessarily disprove that, but I do know lots of people - including men - who voted against HRC, and none has offered even a hint that they were motivated in that fashion.  I also know many liberals, some of whom specifically stated they were voting for HRC solely because she could be the first female President.
  • The lawyer blogger is hopped up on the notion of the new administration unraveling.  Although he may ultimately be correct, I'm not convinced.  To me, it appears to be the inevitable growing pains when the opposition party takes office.  Given that much of this administration comes from outside of government, I think it's to be expected.  To make sure I wasn't being hypocritical, I went back and checked my posts from 2008 (both pre- and post-election day) and found only a half-dozen mild references to BHO out of 53 posts. 
  • I think I've made clear before that I'm not a DJT fan, but in the main, I'm not troubled by his track record thus far, with these exceptions:
  1. He should lose his penchant for Twitter. 
  2. If he [DJT] actually supports widespread asset forfeiture/confiscation, he is wrong.  (So far, this doesn't seem to be any more than a random remark, not an action item, but if he takes a position supporting or expanding CAF, it would be very disappointing.)
  • Intel has announced, and the WH has of course glommed onto, plans to build a $7 billion chip plant in Arizona.   Being an oldster, I thought of this.  Then, this happened.  A decade later, the property was sold to be replatted.
  • It's been interesting - and somewhat surprising to me - to see the degree to which the Left seems to be losing its senses.  After generations of attempting to connect and portray the GOP as KKK sympathizers (when historically the organization was a Democratic outgrowth), modern leftists are adopting similar tactics by donning masks and disguising clothing while creating mayhem and violence.
  • I don't think I'd ever seen anything before about wine being vinted in underground cisterns:
It's said to be lined with beeswax
  • I saw this car pull up while I was walking across the home center parking lot:
No, he didn't have any.  Yes, I asked him.


Anonymous said...

I had to look up the definition for a Juggalo. Trump had to know what he was getting into. The shrillness from the Left will go away when they're sitting in jail cells. The only question is when will the arrests begin? Are we going to wait until after the assassination attempt?

Something needs to be done about the Democratic Party and its attempts to control the deep state. Obama cannot be allowed to create a parallel government.

The Donald said...

...and in turn I ended up checking the definition of deep state.

Anonymous said...

You don't get the Twitter strategy but it works. The conversation is no longer controlled by a corrupt media because there is a channel open night and day and the President uses plain language to reach his supporters. The media reacts instead of inventing something.

Why do you want Trump to drop Twitter? Should he return to a media-controlled circus? Should he look more presidential, whatever that means? Maybe he should speak in half-truths and paint broad strokes like the rest of the sold-out politicians.

Have you ever watched a White House press conference? They play patty-cake with each other and use it as a platform to dance and mentally masturbate in front of the American public. I prefer Trump's strategic use of Twitter.

If you understood it, you would too.

The Donald said...

Trust me, I've no lack of understanding of the Twitter strategy - certainly the use of alternative media is a brilliant way to circumvent the inept, biased and/or corrupt mainstream media outlets. What is not brilliant is that this President seems to be lacking in self-control, using the medium to share inane stream-of-consciousness thoughts about reality TV show hosts and unsubstantiated and irrelevant assertions regarding the former administration.

It's scarcely a revelation that WH pressers are circle-jerks. This applies to most of the Sunday morning pundit-fests, as well. The other day, I watched a pompous network TV journalist frame a question to a high ranking (R) official, "Mr. X, answer yes or no, do you....?" It was something tantamount to "Yes or no, do you still beat your wife?" Predictably, the official deflected by playing footsie with the question, when if he'd had some balls he'd have said, "Look, asshole, you and I both know that's a dumbass question - here's my position on the subject."

Despite the current state of establishment news, even the main media purveyors - for the most part - praised (even if begrudgingly) the address to Congress, and for a couple of days at least, enriching the new administration's political capital. Unfortunately, before the week had ended, DJT had effectively pissed away that capital with useless, and non-strategic tweets.

I'm quite well aware of the school of thought that DJT tweets dumbass thoughts as a sleight-of-hand to distract from actual work going on behind the scenes, and as I have previously noted on these pages, I partially concur. But in order to have sustained efficacy, and to truly engage in strategic use of the outlet, it will be in his best interest to use it judiciously.