Friday, April 28, 2017

Semper Iuvenis

My wish for my family:

I've long said that - with some notable exceptions - other artists coaxed the best from Dylan's compositions.  The definitive version of this song, IMNSHO, is from Baez' outstanding 1975 tour double album From Every Stage (following the release of Diamonds & Rust).  But the Youtube of it (that's on my bike riding playlist) just features some hippy-dippy still images and sub-titling.


Emily Shorette said...

If you have a minute, I’d really appreciate it if you took a look at Emily’s Virtual Rocket. This is a serious newsblog which has been taken from e-newspapers and e-magazines from around the world, with an emphasis on transgender issues. Also, with his election, I look for articles which critique Donald Trump.

I hope you enjoy this. Please paste the following:

If you like it, please consider putting it among your favorite blogs. I would greatly appreciate it.



Anonymous said...

That's weird. I cannot find an Emily Shorette in West Hartford. I did take a look at the blog and it looks like she sent out lots of emails like the one posted here at WB. She doesn't like President Trump much and she did not lie about supporting LBGT issues.

Whenever I see someone supporting LBGT issues, I always wonder what happened to them to make them that way.

Anyway, if she really exists, I would suggest that she move to Texas and find a Texas boyfriend and forget about twisting up reality. The natural way is the best way and it is what God intended. Homosexuality is a sin. Cutting off your pecker is self-mutilation. Besides, it's crazy.

TommyBoy said...

Excuse me. I am posting on behalf of science fiction writers of north Texas. We are an often maligned group and a few of us are finally speaking out. Book sales are down. We feel this is a direct result of government policies and so desire to change the public perception of science fiction writers. While it is true, we are a bit geekish, we can repair computers, perform advanced mathematics, and speak both Elfish and Vulcan.

You can help. Here's how: (1) Post a link to your favorite sci-fi writer's page, (2) Buy sci-fi books and ebooks, (3) Buy yet more sci-fi books and ebooks, (3) Help make science fiction available for everyone, especially children and the elderly, (4) Tax-free status for science fiction writers now!, (5) Set up a GoFundMe page for a starving writer (I am so hungry), (6) Ask your friends whether they prefer Jules Verne to Thomas Stone, (7) Support funding for my planned backyard UFO observatory, (8) I need a muse -- help me find a girlfriend, (9) Petition government to set up orbital defenses against attacks from space, (10) Take me seriously at your own risk.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Remember, together we can change the world. Apart, we're simply minding our own business. Don't let them ban science fiction. Act today!

The Donald said...

Well now - seems using a bit of Latin livens up, or at least increases the number of, the comments section.

el chupacabra said...

You go Emily! You rawk.
Joan Baez is good to me in small doses. (although I always think Don is trying to start a new folk music scare). Have you tried Judah Priest's cover of Diamonds and Rust?

Anonymous said...

Queer stuff is icky. Never, never, ever agree with putting a stinger in a pooter or supporting any kind of sex where fecal matter is involved.

LBGT stands for "Little Boys Go Transsexual".

Disgusting. I have a solution but first, let's build a big fire.

Anonymous said...

Emily! who is your spiritual advisor? Maxine Waters? Kaitlyn Jenner? Satan?

Anonymous said...

Have you actually looked at Emily's blog? Holy Canoli! Talk about hate and confusion wrapped up in rainbow colors. Isn't free speech great? No, not in this particular case. She doesn't care for President Trump much, either. Lots of Colbert-type lewd and nasty photoshopped memes on her blog.

The Donald said...

Kev - Hey, that's pretty cool! Had no idea JP had covered that song. What do you call the outfit the lead singer wears?

el chupacabra said...

Definitely homoerotica.

el chupacabra said...

Definitely homoerotica.