Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Worst July Ever

I ran across a term recently on LinkedIn, about introverted extroverts, sometimes called 'ambiverts'. Now, I've always found dichotomous arguments beginning "There are two types of people in this world..." to be tiresome. Just like the stupid Myers-Briggs & Stratton, Pierce, Fenner & Smith personality tests. "Would you rather do 'x' or 'y'?"  Dude, you gotta give me more context - sometimes x, and sometimes y (and sometimes y not).

Just as with introverted extroverts (I consider myself an extroverted introvert, not as a contrarian, but because at my core I am more private), there are many paradoxes in life: Sadness and loneliness in a sea of people, isolation in a hyper-connected society.

I've always thought this was a beautifully haunting Elton John song.


TommyBoy said...

Yes, I'm an extroverted introvert too. I practiced at it and made myself outgoing which turned to combative and argumentative and hurtful (at times). No Zen monk here.

I had an acquaintance in French class -- Mike from Paris, Texas (Ironic, eh?) -- and he hated Elton John despite all the great music and lyrics. Mike hated Elton because Elton was effete, therefore Mike could not accept any other redeeming qualities. Lots of guys are like that and I see them in church when I pray for forgiveness and direction.

Well, as I admitted above, sometimes I have been hateful as well. I wish I was smart and operated on an even keel, but I rarely do.

an Donalbane said...

Before I wrote this post, I pondered for a couple days whether I was I/E or E/I. Like you, I'm not 100% consistent, but I try to live at least a semblance of Socrates' 'examined life'.

People at my work might very well say I am extroverted, inasmuch as I engage with most of the 100+ co-workers, kidding, clowning around, pulling pranks, and telling jokes. Many also know I am serious and thoughtful. But likely few know that when I'm 'off stage', back at home, I'm pretty much a homebody, keeping my own counsel, reading a few blogs, but otherwise not gregarious in the least.