Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't Speed

I heard a report on the radio, or read an article the other day stating that due to the state of the economy, law enforcement agencies (municipal, county, or state) are dialing back their tolerance for traffic infractions as a means to raise additional revenue.

While I don't have any statistical evidence to show this is true, my anecdotal (yet empirical) observations over the past couple of days suggests there is validity to the report.

Yesterday, on I-20 between Willow Park and the Millsap exit, I saw 5 DPS cruisers with motorists pulled over (2 were big rigs).  Today, on 377, Keller motor jockeys had northbound and southbound cars stopped, about a quarter-mile apart.  And on Jacksboro Highway, Azle has a couple of "your speed is" signs that look to be the precursors of a clampdown.

It could all be coincidence, but, as agencies look for ways to raise cash, it's sure tempting for them to look at speeders as easy marks. 

After all, most drivers don't have good lobbyists.

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todd said...

I don't know if it is empirical, anecdotal, classical or satirical but my hunch is you're right.