Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Different Times...

The week seems to have gotten off to a shaky start.

This instead of a post that's been ruminating for a couple of days in my head.  It seems that the headline grabbers of late have to do with the most recent celebrity breakups or rehab stints, and celebrating boys and girls who dig getting it on with others of the same gender (whether in New York or Rome).

So, it would be relatively easy to overlook the obituary of a gentleman who died last week, his career beginning before World War II, and whose work included some of the most important aviation designs in history.

The current 'culture', if it may be so termed, could scarce comprehend a time when a young man could be disowned by his father for getting his doctorate in aeronautical engineering instead of chemical engineering.  Ah, but few today are predisposed to such high achievement.

I don't know that I'd heard or read Mr. Widmer's name before today.  I do know that his contributions will still loom large well after today's 'newsmakers' are long forgotten.

Trivia note:  Colonel Henry J. Deutschendorf, Sr., USAF, was a distinguished pilot of the B-58 Hustler aircraft.  He was also the father of Henry J. Deutschendorf, Jr., more widely known as John Denver.


iriske said...

very nice article!!!

el chupacabra said...

I knew there was a lot of controversy about that aircraft and distinctly recall the cost always coming up, but nearly fell out when I read the cost at the time of one unit was equal to it's weight in GOLD!

Also Don- my buddy and I were talking about John Denver just a couple of days ago as one of the Concert In The Garden performers did JD covers.