Thursday, June 30, 2011

We welcome persons from all forms of former naïveté

Comes now news that liberal icon, he of the round spectacles, The Beatles, and Strawberry Fields (Forever): John Lennon - may have been a closet Republican.

At least that's what a supposedly close assistant to the musician is now asserting.

For the moment, count me as a bit skeptical, wondering if the assistant, who is said to have worked for Mr. Lennon since 1979 (Lennon was murdered December 8, 1980), is hawking a book or something.

Nonetheless, it's possible:
  • Ronald Reagan (the best President in my lifetime) was very personable.
  • Lennon was disenfranchised with the confiscatory tax rates of his native country - thus, his abode at the Dakota in NYC.
  • Even with the level of 'handlers' and security around him, his travels would have allowed him to see quite plainly that no communist or socialist society came anywhere near the standard of living and liberty of the United States.
  • Peace is not inconsistent with conservatism.
  • David Horowitz
  • Charles Krauthammer
It would be interesting if the story proves to be true, though I don't necessarily predict that Yoko shared the same conversion. 

Imagine that.

Edit: Iowahawk has some updated JL songs for your enjoyment.


todd said...

He does meet the first requirement for being one of your faves: he's dead.

The Donald said...

Mr. Blogger, you are surely in rare form this week!