Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Here's to creativity...

Owing, I assume, to her mother, my daughter is tremendously creative. I, on the other hand, possibly having built too many Revell models as a kid, tend toward the more mundane, and, at times inane, such as you frequently encounter in these posts. With great excitement Saturday evening, Daughter beckoned me to the back yard, whereupon I saw the following sight, giving me a flashback to The Blair Witch Project, or maybe Close Encounters of the Third Kind:

It seems every lighting device extant from the house - from small lanterns and headlamps, LED flashlights to glow sticks and tea lamps - had somehow ended up outside.

Here's the view the next day:

As I understand it, this is a fort, as evidenced by the clear area in the middle.  A circular ring of sticks and smooth stones - the significance of which was carefully explained to me - delineates the perimeter, and a welcome mat/sidewalk of twigs can be seen in the lower right, leading to the threshold/entrance.  Leaves have been scattered within the perimeter as decoration.

Sienna was just happy to be soaking up some sunshine.

Now, while this may not look to be a heavily fortified area, it must have had some special powers, as we were able to sleep most peacefully, undisturbed, about 25 feet away on the deck - under the stars - that night.


el chupacabra said...

Esse' when the aliens come and abduct you, you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

Oh, and the homing beacon your offspring made.

The Donald said...

Hmmm - that may explain the cryptic "klaatu barada nikto" inscribed in the dirt. But, I'm not sure we'd have been any more secure indoors, on account of ET's tribe got that look-down x-ray vision and FLIR and stuff, so they'd a looked right through the roof rafters and such.

BTW, I hadda look up 'esse' in the urban slang dictionary. Lol.

Anonymous said...
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