Monday, October 21, 2013

People are cray-cray

God is great, and there are several beers I like (I pursued homebrewing for a while, several years ago).

But, still, people are crazy.  Like, for instance, parents of a murdered grown woman, who because of their beloved 28 year old daughter's love for SquareBob SpongePants (don't try to correct me, just play along), decided to memorialize her thusly:

I mean, seriously?  In the military and 28 years old - and idolizing a cartoon character?  Or is this a case of the parents failing to grasp the notion that their daughter was a grown woman?

"Why, good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Nit-Wit - it's so good to see you!  Won't you please step this way - yes, into this room - lovely Nurse Ratched has been kind enough to pour some warm milk for you.  Yes, yes, that's it, step into the room - Dr. Sanderson will be by to visit with you shortly..."

I'm a huge Leave it to Beaver fan, but I've no desire to spend eternity in a billboard soup bowl.

Just sayin'.

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todd said...

I saw spongeboob sweatpants at the gym the other day. She was pretty fun to look at but not for eternity.