Sunday, December 22, 2013

Note to elf...

So, as we careen from crisis to [manufactured] crisis, pondering the effects of ACA/Obamacare, Duck Dynasty, and debit cards, it's natural to reflect and ask oneself¹: Where in the world are there fewer idiots?

This being my train of thought - with most of the cars on the tracks - I was reading an online article about Iceland.  With a total population of 320,000 (less than half of Fort Worth's), beautiful views, and a population density 1/13 of Texas', maybe there'd be less freeway traffic, junk on the TV, and more time to read.

I predict good Caribou/Reindeer hunting here.

Little House on/of the Prairie

Aurora, not in Texas or Colorado.

An ice cave to keep your beer cold.

E.T. - phone home. 

Maybe the elves, or Sasquatch, live here.

Did Newbury ever see this?

This looks like it could've been taken near Wizard Wells.

I don't know if all Icelandic women are beautiful - and yeah, I'd be looking for one more, um, age appropriate for me...

Elf house

Be sure to tune in to my next travelogue - destination Bolivia.

¹ Acceptable use of oneself vs one's self, according to the Grammarist.


todd said...

This is your best post ever! Beautiful pics, no dead rock bands and I even understood most of the references. Let's move there.

The Donald said...

Not so fast there, Sundance. If I go to Iceland, it will be with someone who looks more like the next to last picture than you.

But we can go to Bolivia - it'll be fun!

I was gonna post a pic of the Icelandic caribou/reindeer hunting opportunities but I feared Dew would want to tag along.

If I were a reindeer, and heard his footsteps, this is what I'd be doing...

todd said...

I didn't mean we would go "together" just at the same time. And the safest place that reindeer could be is in front of Dew's gun.

The Donald said...

Well, if Dew had a gun, then the Reindeer has nothing to fear. I was just concerned that with that pose (per the link), it would put Dew into a romantical mood.

Then the ungulate might wish to be shot - or make tracks like the second link...

Dewey Taliaferro said...

Did someone say cold beer in a cave???????