Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday's snippets

We seem to have gotten a bit of ice last week - this chunk stretched almost to the driveway:

Where's the watermelon wine?

Home-baked - not store-bought - Angel Food cake is a family tradition. If those had been individual candles, it would've been a fire hazard...

Yes, we have no bananas:

One of the areas for our Christmas party last night.

And a room next to it.  It looked like it had some sort of sunroof or something.  I'm told that legions of Romans people spend huge sums of money to watch Christians fed to the lions disappointment here every Sunday.

 Since I was out last night, I went to church this morning.  This is one of the Christmas trees in the lobby:

I wouldn't buy this brand of coffee:

Seen in a close-out type of store - bra and panties display, with a try-on mirror.  I waited around for a couple of minutes, but no one did.  Probably for the best.

Is this cutting edge, or just dopey, architecture?

Is E.T. gonna come home for Christmas on that roof?  Is it a heli-pad?  A plate warmer for the Jolly Green Giant?


RPM said...

Diario Espresso... I'll pass, tyvm.

The Donald said...

My thought exactly.