Sunday, March 16, 2014

What I did on Spring Break...

Helped keep the world safe from cattle rustlers...

...and commies:

Went on Safari...

When oldest son was just a toddler, my wife and I took him to the zoo.  On that day, the giraffes were, uh, frisky.  Talk about getting R-E-S-P-E-C-T (and not a little envy from the males of every other species...).

OK, Southlake doctors - let's see you do some rhinoplasty on this guy:

Just lion around.

And Wile E., their American cousin:

Finally, rounding out the Lion King cast:

Dr. Donald Hfuhruhurr installed new short-term memory to the Blogmaster 2000 unit...

...while Don the Plumber replaced a sluggish valve in the baño (only later to find that the tank-to-toilet gaskets also needed replacing...ugh).

We had adventures:

An accidental 'selfie'...

No, I didn't get soaked up to the knee when stepping on sticks and debris that someone said wasn't solid enough...

The Gerber Gator II - two thumbs up if you're out Tom & Huck-ing around and need to build a makeshift raft:

Wonder how many people called the local PD to say there's a dude open carrying?

No, this one is too late - even for Raccoon Helper:

Here's another, still marinating...yeccchh!

While I didn't get dunked in the creek, wearing shorts through the briars wasn't a wise choice. 
(OK, maybe Daughter did recommend wearing long pants before we left the house...touché).

Checking out pre-fab arbors at the big-box store:

We surfed all the food samples - almost enough to skip lunch.

Looked at kayaks:

Bungle in the jungle? Or Wango-Tango? 

Thanks, Uncle Ted, but I make my own.

Checked out the Red Rocker Horrible Menswear in the mall, after taking Daughter to a nearby store to get a gift for her friend (it was one of those stores where no one over 30 belongs - deathmetal headbanger music¹ blaring (I think my ears were bleeding afterwards), and a tatted/pierced goth teenybopper cashier displaying her big valley for everyone to see (Doctor, my eyes!):

No, I didn't ask them if Sammy was in.  Whaddya think - I'm twelve years old? 
But,, I may have thought about it. (And yes, I know it's not spelled the same.)

Those were the days...

I have no idea what the donor car is for this:


Was almost eaten alive by Jaws:

After locating a bigger boat on the showroom floor, 
Mr. Holland and I took care of business, though.

Every day we watched as an additional egg was deposited in the nesting box:

And ended the week riding a train in the rain:

No, my mother did not just get out of prison, my eyes are not blue, 
and the line didn't run to Luckenbach - why do you ask?

At the beginning of the week, we'd made a spreadsheet of tasks to accomplish.  The results were a bit short of the mark:

10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% ☺Complete☺
Aluminum Cans x x x x x x x x x Yes
Plastic Bags x x x x x x x x x Yes
Kitchen Table x
High Kitchen Counter
#######'s Room
Don's Desk
Back of ######## x x
Front Sidewalk x x
Master Bathtub
Utility Room x x x
Back Porch
#######'s Bathroom
Master Bathroom Floor
Master Bathroom Counter
Kitchen Stoveside Counters x
Kitchen Sinkside Counters x x
Refrigerator x x x
Kitchen Floor x
Linen Closet
Front Entry
Front Closet x
Den South Wall
Sofa x x x
Middle Bedroom x
Scout Shed
##### trunk
Master Bedroom Bed
Batteries x x
Aldi Boxes x x x x
Master Toilet x x
South Fence
Behind Sofa
Plastic containers x x x x x x
Reloading gear x x x x

But, I can do those when Daughter is not here.

I am blessed.

Wonder if Dew still has the unicorn in his backyard?

¹ With apologies to Combat Kev.


RPM said...

Nice Mach 1. The donor car looks like a Chevy Monte Carlo ('08?).

Surprised you didn't go to the gun show at Will Rogers.

el chupacabra said...

The Monte guess is as good as any I s'pose but man- there is a lot goin' on there. They used to use late model Tbirds and a 50s model Ford for some of those mishmashes but I never cared much for them.

That is one busy looking car.

What is that gun in the top pic, a .45/.70?

Well, you know- .45/.70 .46/.71 or whatever it takes.

The Donald said...

M - Not sure Daughter would have been digging the GS. She does like shooting the falling plates, though.

Former BIL was restoring a Mach 1, but died before it was complete.

K - That one is not .45-70, just your garden variety .30-30, mfd in New Haven for a dept store chain. .45-70 on that light rifle would kick like a mule.

todd said...

Enough with the "accidental" selfies and gratuitous leg pics!

The Donald said...

Hey, the selfie with the philosopher dude was intentional, but I discovered this one when I got home and was downloading the adventure pictures.

As far as the leg shot - I thought it turned out pretty well...

Dewey Taliaferro said...

I don't know anything about unicorns (ask Princess Todd) but now Jackson Brown is stuck in my head....
"Doctor, my eyes
Tell me what you see
I hear their cries
Just say if it's too late for me"


The Donald said...

Dew - Earworms are just another benefit provided here @ S116 - free of charge!

Oh, and it's Browne, not Brown.

Just sayin'...