Sunday, May 11, 2014

Step back in time

'Tis the season era to post one's images from the Renaissance Festival, herewith.

It seems there is much knowledge to be gleaned, even walking in from parking one's carriage:

Tailgating isn't just for JerryWorld.  Here's a Forde F-OnneFidde Braveheart Edition (the other side of the bed was adorned the same):

At the end of the day, there were many post-fest parties.

Sure, everybody loves a parade, but, uh, this is a little disturbing...

Um, no, I do not want to pet your Little Pony.

 Your friendly neighborhood Crusaders:

101 fun things to do with an institutional size Bush's Baked Beans can.

Actually, I tried on some of the armour and headgear at one of the shoppes.  That stuff is heavy, limits mobility, and doesn't breathe well.  Hand-to-hand combat would have been a real witch in the olde days. The archers had it much better, with greater standoff, but even they would have given their eye teeth for a Lapua .338.


Note to medieval dudes - If your woman needs a cart to get around, consider buying her a Chevy Aveo to wear.  Or find a more compact woman.

Conveyances borrowed from the entryway of the Sam of Walton clan mega-bazaar.

Always  keep your tankard at the ready...

A kindly wench waits with water, prepared to refresh participants' cups.

Cast in Bronze, a trailer-mounted carillon, billed as the 'Original Heavy Metal'. This year's performance seemed abbreviated, with just two songs in the set.  Also, it seemed that someone other than the act's creator, Frank DellaPenna, was performing in the role of the masked, black-cloaked 'spirit of the bells'.
(Edit - Confirmed, FDP is performing in the Muskogee RenFest, while an understudy is doing the Waxahachie performances.)

Malcolm & Angus - here's some rolling thunder for you...

The RenFest features fun for man and beast alike - here's a gypsy mutt:

And an untrained dog act:

Smokey Robinson likes this.

A young unicorn - others have purple horns, but this one is white.
Dew, does that mean this is a boy unicorn?

Blogger ComKev notes that he saw lots of furries on his visit.  Maybe some got their costumes here:

Always popular for Christmas...

Like this guy needs a larger nose...

I didn't buy any costumes, but if I had been so inclined, these would've been on the short list:

The leather doublet was pretty heavy.
Just gotta be careful to avoid the 'Clash of the Tartans'

This one could possibly double as clothing for B. Franklin or T.J.

I was bummed that the miniature Daniell cell in my communication device died late afternoon, limiting the number of daguerrotypes I could take.


Dewey Taliaferro said...

I don't know about Unicorns but I do know about ugly elves name Keebler

el chupacabra said...

Ha! If I'm lying I'm dying
I have a pic of your friendly crusader taking in I think the belly dancing act. He had is helm off, was white as a sheet and ready to barf his guts up with a heat stroke!

The Donald said...

I don't doubt it - it was only mid-high 80s the day we went, but the next day it was 90. I'm thinking that's the reason the Faire doesn't extend into June - too darn hot.

Wonder if the old hippies still do the "Mushroom Monday" celebrations at the conclusion of the festival...