Thursday, July 10, 2014

R U smarter than a kindergartner?

Some folks, not so much.

A college twit-chick, thinks it would be cool to 'sext' a photo of herself in her altogether to her BF, DaQuon.  (Little known fact: DaQuon was my birth name, until I shortened/Americanized it to simply 'Don'.  Or maybe it was just a nickname given to me by my Aunt Polly Esther.)

Unfortunately for twit-chick, she sent it to her Dad, who may about now be re-thinking that condo in Cambridge thing, and encouraging daughter dearest to check out the community college catalog.  Of course, entertainment media types, for whom Socrates' directive of examined lives simply means more video but no introspection, are recommending that she get the SnatchPic SnapChat app to prevent future embarrassing episodes.

Good grief!

But, theirs also gud nooz.  Dude in Washington, excited by being one of the first buyers of legal weed in that state, hams it up for the local press/media.  His boss at the staffing company sees the coverage (I know, I know, you're as surprised as I that he had a job),  and didn't so much share his enthusiasm (or maybe he'd called in sick so he could camp/chill out overnight to be one of the first customers).  The company asked him to take a pee test.  Apparently, like, man, they got rules against that sorta thing, and stuff.  You know how employers are - so oppressive/repressive and all.

He failed.  They fired him.  A classic case of what Confucius say: Play stupid game/win stupid prize.

And while it's a heartwarming story, you do have to feel sorry for the parents, who are now fearing that Harold, or whatever his name is, will never surrender his video game controller and  move out of their basement.  Maybe he can be an extra in Pineapple Express VI or somesuch.

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