Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday's themes

...though not, apparently, unified.

A couple of weeks ago, my ancient GE refrigerator tried to die on me. It was so old that the fan motor was made in the USA.  But this nifty Korean replacement ($31 @ Grainger's vs. $144 at the appliance parts house) has it back among the living.

Thank goodness for Grainger's!

Nostalgic 1950's miniwaves?  Really?


Last week, at a trade group meeting, this was the view from my dinner table:

Back in the '70s, my Dad almost bought a DC-3,
for around $20K, though probably not quite like this one.

A diamond - it must be real - I found on a sidewalk outside a business. Probably 1.25 ct.  The gold paint overspray does not diminish its value in my eyes.

If only I had a fiancée...

Isn't driving a Beetle ghey enough?

This, al otro mano, is cool!  Very cool.

I really need to get a 'yak. I like the size of the cockpit on 
the one shown, but that dry hatch is ridiculously small.

Seen after church last weekend: 

The first things I noticed were the monster Brembos.

Earlier this week, oldest Son invited me to play disc golf (for my first time ever):

I got 1 par, 12 bogeys, and 5 double-bogeys.
I'll bet I can shave that by at least a half-dozen next time.

These shoes are probably cooler than I am:

I pulled the trousers up to show the shoes,
they are not high-water pants.

The bike named after the beer.  That is actually a 26" x 4" bike - the machete is there to give some proportion.  Yeah, the guy in sporting goods might have given me an odd look as I rode it down the back aisle, so what?

When the Apocalypse comes, there will be no gasoline 
for your car - this is a SUB.

 Same brush whacker, with my Zombie machete.  The brush whacker is $23 at Wally World.  For $6 at HFT, the machete is a better value.  Both are handy additions to my BOP.

I will fear no zombie!

Don't think me an ogre, but we have an upcoming promotion where I will really have to maximize my [highly talented but limited in number] front office staff's production.  When they exceed a certain time threshold with clients, I will step out of my office and give a signal to 'wind it up'.  Hopefully, they will hear the beeper going off in my office, and develop a sort of Pavlovian response so that I don't even have to intervene...

From the dollar store - programmable up to 99 minutes!

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