Saturday, October 11, 2014

With you I'd walk anywhere...


el chupacabra said...

That song is so unlike his normal useless, stupid, ridiculous, sophomoric,obnoxious, dumb, moronic, pointless, vapid, vacuous crap that I sometimes forget he is the one that did it.

What a sweet song.

Oh well back to hatin'.

The Donald said...

But do you really feel about JB?

Actually, Buffett is capable of some fairly introspective writing, but those songs are not necessarily part of his 8-10 standards that his faithful followers flock to see. I've never been to a JB show, wouldn't mind going, but not just to be part of a beer-swilling throng of partiers.

Footage I've seen from his shows suggest to me that he's probably as amused as anybody at the whole 'Parrothead' (the term allegedly was coined by Timothy B. Schmit) phenomenon. Clearly, he's found a lucrative niche and works it well with his concerts, restaurants, books, and merchandise.

RPM said...

Late to the post but agree with Chupa. Altho not his signature song, Jimmy nailed it with this one. If there was any hint of him being a one hit wonder or a bought stardom, this one snuffs that right out.

I also like Cheeseburger in Paradise. Sue me.