Sunday, November 9, 2014

Exorcising the earworm

   Somehow or other, I thought of this song after church yesterday.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the actual version that was in my mind - it's not the songwriter's edition (I recall a more spare arrangement, and more baritone vocal, a la Ed Ames or Ray Price, Bob Goulet or even Francis Albert - but I couldn't find evidence that any of them recorded the song).  The version in my head is well-phrased, some of it almost spoken (like Bill Shatner), then expanding into a full refrain.

   I'm certain I must have this on vinyl somewhere (or maybe my folks do), but just can't seem to place the singer.

Wiki says Howard Keel recorded the song, but I can't seem to find a copy.

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YM said...

Don McLean

YM said...

but he sounds nothing like ed ames, etc.

The Donald said...

Jen - McLean, of course, wrote the song, but his version is not the one running in my head. The one I hear sounds like a wizened, wistful older gent (kinda like me), with gravitas (not there yet - I think I have one gravita at the bottom of a nightstand drawer) - I imagine Robert Mitchum or Anthony Quinn. I even checked to see if Der Bingle had a version, but came up empty.

I feel certain it's a real recording...but then, I also have a version of Bobby 'Boris' Pickett and the Krypt Kickers performing Hotel California that plays in my head now and again, and have been known to do McLean's top hit about Mr. Holly in voce Dylan, for the mirth and amusement of friends and colleagues.

So, who knows?