Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday's Sentiments

Some reflections:
  • Hallelujah!  After tomorrow, we will likely not hear the term "deflategate".  Or, hopefully, Marshawn Lynch.
  • Happened to catch part of the Chris Krok show from the FWSSR the other day as he browbeat callers about an Imam giving a Muslim prayer before a rodeo performance.  One dude who called in self identified as Muslim, been here over 20 years, said he had enjoyed the rodeo for years.
  • The radio host proceeded to grill him, asking him to name boot brands and hat brands.  I understand that he was trying to make sure the guy wasn't a 'plant', but it came off as pretty insulting.
  • A few callers later, he had a similar exchange with a guy who was from Israel.  
  • It may be a fair question to wonder why the SSR organizers thought it would be a good thing to have a Muslim invocation, inasmuch as that's not, presumably, a significant demographic for them.  But I suspect the answer is that, like any good wingshot, they're trying to 'lead the target', and reach out/expand the brand, to new markets.  And I'm not sure that should be considered a bad thing.
  • In any event, the broadcaster didn't make a very compelling case for his anger at the FWSSR's action.
  • I like these:
Wonder if I can get them for cheap when RS goes out of business?
  • On this wet, coolish Saturday, there are presently about 200+ little brass gems - of the proper diameter - rollin', rollin', rollin' around in the vibratory case cleaner.  ;-)
  • There's no worker bee like the American worker bee:
Like, do they have their own union?
  • Space Pens - all the cool kids have them.  Don't they?
No, Dad, I don't want your autograph...
  • The Lt. Gov. has indicated that open carry may not pass this session.  A very good friend of mine, who is not a 'gun nut' by any definition (I think he once told me he had a .22 rifle), but who has been an avid legislature junkie for 25+ years, told me in an email: "If gun rights supporters can’t get what they want from this legislature, then they’re just too damn stupid to be carrying guns, driving cars, or doing anything else that requires a lick of sense."  Ouch!
  • My own opinion is that 2A supporters are not stupid at all, but we've presently got some self-appointed 'helpers' who most assuredly are.  One hopes that the statewide OC group persuades the Arlington/OCTC group to let the adults handle this issue.
  • The State Rep. from Muenster is getting some good PR from making a batch of "I'm Poncho" buttons - a reference to the Democrat Rep who was bullied by the aforementioned goofies.  The Republican Rep. is apparently in favor of a version of OC, but not the tactics of the Arlington dude and his cadre.
  • I wholeheartedly agree.
  • Custom made by hand with care, in small batches, in Texas, with my dog by my feet, and allegiance to God, Bob Wills, and Sam Houston:


Denney Crane said...

I've been reading about honey and how imports don't have to identify trace antibiotics given to bees...

I keep a lot of honey in storage...

RPM said...

I don't understand the reaction by people over the Muslim prayer. The story I read in the Startlegram made it pretty clear he said nothing offensive and Stock Show personnel thought it was a very appropriate prayer. But if you ask Joe Blow on the street the guy was crying "Death to America!" Honestly, I had someone tell me he said that. When I try to explain that lumping all Muslims into the same pot as extremists is like doing the same with Christians and the KKK, I immediately get "No, that's completely different."

Then there's the incident in Austin at Texas Muslim Capitol Day where the woman bullied her way to the podium and started rambling about Jesus Christ. I'm worried about America. I really am. I don't remember anything in Christ's teachings about hating others different from you, but I'm far from a biblical scholar.

Denney Crane said...

It will be our tolerance of American Islamists that will bring about the real agenda of instituting Sharia law in America. Proof? How about the statement from a member of the student senate of the University of California in Davis, “Hamas & Sharia law have taken over UC Davis” after passing an anti-sementic resolution.

Look closely at the article I linked to. They're just college kids. Hitler used kids even younger.

We may believe there's no agenda, but that doesn't mean there isn't.

el chupacabra said...

Don- something you may interested in: there is a WWII reenactment at Fort Richardson State park today 02/07/2015 1000-4:00.