Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekly wrap-up

My scattered musings of the week behind:
  • The weather looks like it will break good for the weekend - yeah!
  • I need to get some of these:
Pretty close to actual size
(if you're usinga 19" screen -
iPhone, not so much)
  • There are a lot of really ugly grip designs out there these days. I happen to be partial to wood, typically a dark, dense variety with russet overtones.  I like figure, but it should roughly run longitudinally with the grip - I once returned a set of Hogues because the left and right grips ran at different angles to the frame, which gave off a bad firearms feng shui.
  • Suffice to say the following is not my style, though I do have some Z-max rounds in the mag - to keep the undead at bay, should the situation arise.
Who dares debase a 1911 so? Heresy!
  • If I were buying a platform to which to affix the above, it would be in the Commander size, even though mine isn't.  Again, it just seems to have pleasing proportions.
  • The trend toward outlandish beavertails on the grip safety strikes me as weird.  I mean, I can understand adding a bit if hammer bite is getting to you, but not so much as to look like it's from Dungeons & Dragons Outfitters.
  • Traditionalist as I am, if I were buying to carry on my person, it would not be of the above style - too heavy - would go polymer.  And, Heaven and Col. Cooper forgive me, might even be in a sub-caliber.
  • The burger chain Carl's Jr. has apparently pulled off another marketing coup, featuring a hawt chick billed as the next Kate Upton seemingly nekkid.  I'm amazed at what mainstream, once respected outlets will now report as news, including this story.  Can one argue we're not pretty much in a modern Sodom & Gomorrah?  Nonetheless, it's marketing genius - as every dude that hears about it will Google it - even if they don't see it during the big upcoming football contest.
  • Yeah, I know - I'm a prude.  Deal with it.
  • Had the opportunity recently to handle one of these, which is in the proper - not sub - caliber, and may get to shoot it this weekend.
Not quite life size.
  • Its owner tells me that its quite pleasant to shoot, despite being very lightweight.
  • Some group on the Kimmel show is performing Band on the Run, sounding like the Bee Gees.  Odd.
  • Update: I went to look at the TV. It was actually the Ess Dubs, as in the Wilson sisters, Ann & Nancy.  I was a big fan of theirs in high school.  And they didn't really sound like the Giblets after the first verse.  Nancy looks great these days - always thought she looked anorexic back when.  Ann - definitely not anorexic.
  • Accidentally scared the dog tonight.  Found some old primers in the garage that I had not hermetically sealed [in a mayonnaise jar] and was concerned they may have been degraded by humidity.  So I tested a couple of them - sans propellant or projectile of course - in John Moses' masterpiece.  So now she's tightly curled up at my feet for safety.
  • I tested one with the lights off - muzzle blast 7-8" beyond the 5" bbl.  I may have found a new form of entertainment.
  • Couple of months ago I bought a 400w small electric heater on clearance @ Aldi for the bathroom.  Later, found another (at a different store, also on clearance).   Conclusion:  With both doors to the MB (13x16) closed it will keep me toasty at my blogging desk if placed right near my chair, even if I'm not using any other heat source.  The other heats the bathroom nicely (I have it set on a timer to come on about 45 minutes before I get up).  For $6.99 each, I'm quite pleased with them, since my other area heaters use 1300/1500w (although I am partial to the Lasko terra cotta looking oscillating model).
  • Here's a machete I like, from El Salvador, I think:
I dig the planishing on the blade
  • Kroger's Banana Split ice cream is the bomb.
  • The post-midnite rerun of the local news ran a 'story' on the nearly nekkid chick mentioned before.  The Carl's Jr. commercial she's in features Uncle Ted's Stranglehold, so maybe I was too harsh earlier.

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