Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Nitwittery

  • Today, the bobbleheads/bubbleheads at Fox News discuss the dangerous epidemic of citizens acquiring armored vehicles.
  • Sarcasm mine.
  • Seriously, the van was not milsurp.  Yeah, it's more hardened than your typical Econoline, but get real Fox News, the guy could've shot at DPDHQ from a freakin' Geo before fleeing the area.
  • Ultimately, the fortified van was no match for a/some .50 BMG round(s).
  • Do these idiot newsreaders think there are lots of folks likely to spend $100K or a half mil to acquire - and nefariously employ - actual surplus DOD materiel?   Doesn't seem likely to me.
  • Went for an after-dark bike ride last night.  Before leaving, I outfitted said bike with some lighting I'd acquired on clearance at the local ALDI: A strobing 5 LED handlebar headlight, a dangling 2 LED white LED flasher, and its counterpart red flasher that I hung from the rear luggage rack.  As well, the bike has had magneto powered red LEDs in the pedals for some time.
  • As I approached a fishing pond along the bike path, a fishing dude says "Oh, I'm sorry - I was just trying to get this line loose..."  I guess he thought I was a bike cop or P&W or something.
  • "Um, no problem" I said as I kept riding by.
  • My friend who serves as a local rain collector and reports to one of the TV stations sent an email that our town got .12" of rain today.  Woo-hoo!
  • Kids' mom emailed a short video today of Daughter in one of those indoor skydiving simulators - looks like fun.
  • FG¹ texted me today, asking if I'd seen the new Jurassic Park, or if more 'cerebral' fare would better suit.
  • Me, cerebral?  WTH? 

  • I don't think so, Tim². 
    • As I responded to Denney Crane recently, FG does not have this URL.  No one who's read the thoughts contained on this blogsite is gonna consider me cerebral.
    • Still, it made me chuckle.
    ¹ Apologies to KC for co-opting the term - I just don't really know how to refer to her.  As she's a wee bit my senior, GF sounds weird, and the term Lady-friend sounds ghey.

    ² Edit: When I wrote this post, I meant the tagline as a reference to Home Improvement's Tim Taylor.  But looking at the image, I'm given to ponder that it may be of Timmy Leary...


    el chupacabra said...

    Lulz. Hey man- girlfriend is pretty universally accepted on the street regardless of age these days.

    Just watch out you don't get girl cooties!

    Denney Crane said...

    I want to bury and convert an armored vehicle into a storm shelter. I wonder what the neighbors would think?