Friday, June 5, 2015

Stupid is as stupid does - week in review

Well, peering out from the view atop Mt. Ararat as the flood waters recede, it appears not all of the dumbocracy in the world got drowned out.

  • The nearly 50 year old sophomoron in Addison was on this evening's news, explaining that he was a hero for refusing to produce his driver's license and insurance during a traffic stop.  During the interview, Mr. Idjit was wearing a "911 was an inside job" t-shirt.  He must've removed his tinfoil hat for the cameras.
  • He's pleading not guilty, and fighting the charges, which - did I mention - included that his license and registration were also expired.  And who might represent this kook?  Yeah, he's represented, pro se.
  • I don't think even the circus blogger, who seems to sympathize disproportionately with nitwittery - at least if it challenges authority, especially police - would side with this guy.
  • And, speaking of nattering nabobs - those who cried foul about a Fort Worth SWAT officer using excessive force against the cornered suspect who'd closed down parts of  I-20 for a couple of hours during rush hour last week may need to do an about face.  The incident investigation has found that the suspect had gotten tangled in the officer's weapon sling, and the officer was wresting it free.  Apparently, post-Ferguson et al, media's appetite is insatiable for examples of police wrongdoing, real or imagined.  The officer has been returned to duty.
  • The saying, "Believe none of what you hear, half of what you see" seems to apply here.
  • The driver of the SWAT truck who brought the episode to a close is still in limbo, as apparently he was instructed not to sideswipe the fleeing vehicle.
  • Serendipity is a many splendored thing.  Even though I'm a fan of his movies, it's a pretty sure thing that John Cusack and I are poles apart politically.  And it's rare to hear a liberal say anything negative about the current POTUS, but Cusack has opined that this one is " bad or worse than Bush."
  • Kind of refreshing.
  • Whether he'd made that comment or not, I'm looking forward to seeing Love and Mercy, the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson biopic.
  • Let them eat cookies:  Even though we're not yet to June 21, we could be off to one crazy summer, celebrity-wise.  Patrick Stewart - Capt. Picard for you Trekkies - is criticising a UK magistrate for fining a baker who would not bake a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan £500.  He says the baker should be free to accept, or deny, business as he sees fit.
  • Personally, the plethora of piss-ant personalities posturing for gay marriage cakes perplexes me.  It's not like bakers are monopolistic or even oligopolistic, and I doubt that many, irrespective of their religious faith, are apt to turn down business, unless the would-be customers are trying to be a real PITA.  Heck, if  one of the local cobblers wouldn't re-sole my boots because "I'm the NRA" or something, I'd take my business to the other one - problem solved.  (Full disclosure - I've done business with both of the local cobbler shops.)
  • But for the past six months or a year, you'd think the most pressing social issue was whether a gay couple could buy a damn wedding cake. Kudos to Sir Patrick for showing common sense.


el chupacabra said...

Mmmmm- cobbler.

The Donald said...

Chup - yep, cobblers. They don't have a very high 'turnover' rate. One of them usually works with his doors open, though in the winter he might have a baklava. Peach of a guy...