Friday, December 5, 2008

Las Vegas no está Los Angeles

News from Las Vegas today indicates that Nevada does not share its neighbor state's sensibilities regarding accountability for criminal acts. Loyal readers will of course understand that in the context, the term sensibilities is not closely related to sensibility.

Orenthal James Simpson may have been able to convince a California jury that he did not violently murder his ex-wife Nicole and friend Ron Goldman, but apparently pressed his luck in believing he could beat the rap on an armed robbery of sports memorabilia in a Las Vegas hotel.

Unlike his 1995 murder trial, this year there was no Johnnie Cochran, Roberts Shapiro or Kardashian, Flee Bailey, Mark Fuhrman, low speed chase, Kato Kaelin, ill-fitting gloves, Marcia Clark, or dancing Judge Itos. Real justice may not be entertaining, but it is satisfying.

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David H said...

Back during the big trial, I'd almost say Johnnie Cochran was more disgusting than OJ. At least we all knew OJ was a clear-cut homicidal murderer, whereas Cochran was the sleazeball taking all the money defending these types...