Monday, December 1, 2008

Mazel Tov!

Last week I stopped by the post office to buy some stamps. I still have a couple of bills that I pay by mail, and figured I could also use some stamps for Christmas Cards.

As the middle-age, not foreign born postal clerk reached into his drawer for a sheet of postage, I asked him if he had something, and I quote: "Christmas-y". Since he apparently didn't have any such in his drawer, he walked a few steps away to a larger trove of sheet stamps, and returned without comment with my postage.

Perhaps I was distracted or assumed my request was simple, so I paid for my purchase and headed for the door. As I walked out, I looked at the sheet of stamps in my hand, all of which looked exactly like this:

Oy! And by the way, let me take this opportunity to also wish you a Happy Kwanzaa!

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