Monday, April 2, 2012

It's a strange world...

  • Public restrooms with 'dribble' on the toilet seat creep me out.  This is beyond that.
  • No thanks - how about just a bagel?
  • ...said Wang Junxing, 38. "I don't believe in all this, so I do not eat them."
  • Good observation, Wang.  Just go to show that thinking with Wang not always bad.
  • Like a deer in the headlights without his TelePrompter:

  • What a sorry sack of - trying to play populist by referring to the Supreme Court as 'unelected'.  Uh, yeah, there's a reason for that.  And he has the chutzpah to consider himself a Constitutional Scholar?
  • Meghan McCain, daughter of former Presidential aspirant John McCain, has tweeted, in response to rumours that she's lesbian, that she's "strickly d*ckly" (sic), loves sex and men.
  • Well, isn't that special?  Dad must be so proud!
  • The news business finds it novel that a faith-based movie does well at the box office.  Here's a clue: There are still discerning people who do not wish to dive deeper into the cesspit that is our current culture.

  • There's a tanning salon in a shopping center on my drive home, featuring a bear-suited mascot with a placard: I can't bear the thought of tan lines.
  • My thoughts were:
  • How can you bear being in that suit at 86°?
  • People do know that tanning beds are not particularly good for them, don't they?
  • Wouldn't you be concerned that the perv who works there has hidden cameras that he posts to YouTube, or perv-tube or whatever?
  • I'm getting old and cranky - Just call me Andy Rooney.

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el chupacabra said...

Easy there tiger- you might rupture somethin'.