Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And now, how about a little Willie?

Also known as the mating call of the Crosstimbers Dewey.  Not that I know, or care to.

This version is pretty good, as Mr. Nelson actually makes an effort to sing, instead of talking the words (in awkward cadences), and Mickey Raphael's harmonica playing is soulful:

Over the weekend I caught part of a PBS special with Willie, Ray Price, Merle, and Ray Benson  (it was as though the cameramen didn't even know Mr. Benson was on stage - and he's hard to miss).  It was kind of a disappointment, as the Red Headed Stranger seemed mostly bored  - with his own songs.


Dewey Taliaferro said...

I'd rather hear him play "Stay all Night"

The Donald said...

Finally, a good riposte from the Dew!