Sunday, August 12, 2012

Child of the Corn

Over Spring Break, Daughter requested that I take home a large bag of popcorn kernels from her neighbors who were moving.

I dutifully complied.

Knowing that at the rate of a couple of Stir-Crazy batches every other weekend, it would take this lifetime and the next to use 40 pounds of popcorn, I kept a quantity of unpopped kernels in a bag in the car, and also made up a zip-loc snack bag that I put in the saddle bag under my bike seat.

For several weeks after, I'd toss a few kernels out the windows of the car, Johnny Appleseed-like, near bridges, creekbeds, and wetlands.  And Daughter and I did similarly on our weekend bike rides.

This past week I got a text from her mother, saying "[Daughter] wanted to let you know that the corn you both planted outside [name of store] is growing."

So, the other evening, we took a bike ride, and sure enough, there was a corn plant, doing quite well:

We're gonna have to start scoping out the other places we tossed the popcorn kernels...

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