Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Introducing the Wrist-twist

So simple - even a woman can use it!  In Gloria Steinem's book, this would have to rank somewhere near the 'I think I'll keep her' Geritol commercials.

There's a reason it didn't appear on production models. Those 5" wrist twist discs probably seemed all cool and Jetson-y on the test track, but lacking any mechanical advantage, probably not so much so on a twisty mountain road with a failed PS pump, broken v-belt, or stalled engine.

 Besides, how ya gonna steer with your left femur while you, unlatch her, uh, embrace that cute young thing sitting in the middle of that big ol' bench seat¹?

¹ Featured test car not equipped with front bench seat.

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RPM said...

Yeah, I can see law suit stamped all over that.