Tuesday, June 25, 2013

La Triviata

  • People used to want me on their team for Trivial Pursuit - because most of what I know is trivial.
  • I've been working long hours lately.  So far, I don't think I'm any the worse for wear, although I am dismayed that it has somewhat cut into my time with my Daughter.  The hours should normalize once the ship is on course.
  • At an all-day meeting last week, during lunch (brought in) in the boardroom, we watched a Morley Safer clip from 60 Minutes about the millennial generation, and how to manage them.
  • It's not your father's workplace anymore.
  • In my office, we have one employee 30-39, five 20-29, one who is 19, and the assistant manager, who is also in my decade.
  • Last week, I overheard one of the twentysomethings incredulously asking the 19 year old "you don't know who the Eagles are?"  (Note: This was not contrived, as she did not even know about my fondness for said band.)
  • I rushed from my office and asked the young man, "Is this true, laddie?"  It was.  Not a clue.
  • I told him not to be ashamed, and assured him that his supervisor and I would gladly assist in remedying this egregious lapse in his education.  I also gave props to his supervisor for her knowledge of a band that had [initially] disbanded before she was born.  She said she'd learned about The Eagles from her parents, who are big fans.
  • Had I not been scheduled for an off-site all-day meeting, I could've given an impromptu, condensed 2-hour remedial history lesson to try to bring him up to speed, at least covering the basics.
  • He must've been terribly disappointed.
  • I'm in class this week, at our facility in the town where I lived during my high school years.
  • As we broke early for lunch,and the training wasn't catered in, I left in search of some tolerable fast food.
  • It's sort of funny, sort of melancholy - the Jack in the Box near the old cruising strip, and the Sonic, are still where they were 35 years ago.  The Kissinger's Auto Parts across from JITB has long been relegated to some other uses.  The Bob's Big Boy is gone.  Sears Surplus store is now a pawn shop, and lots of the old fast food joints have been repurposed, though their architecture belies their original occupants.  Many of the restaurants have signs not in English.
  • I drove past the public junior high where I attended three weeks (while my parents arranged, unbeknownst to me, my re-admittance to prep school) after we returned from Europe.
  • The two lane blacktop stretch (in-town, mind you), where roundabout 1977, my '68 Chrysler Newport (383 cid) could get up to 110 mph if'n the tie rods and steering play would allow you to keep it between the fenceposts, has been replaced by a huge regional toll road.  
  • The ice cream store where I had my first paying job has long since been razed - the site is now a supermarket parking lot. And the Gibson's Discount Center, my second job, which once dominated its corner, now awaits the wrecking ball as a tattered 'Muebleria' - doors wide open most days as it's not worth replacing the A/C - tucked back behind a chain pharmacy.
  • I finally found an Arby's (America's Roast Beef, Yes Sir!) and ordered a ham & cheese from the value menu.  "Three ham & cheese - that'll be five..."   "No, no - just one."  I've finally gotten down into the mid-high 180s after probably 25 years over 200#.
  • For all my driving around the old haunts, I realized the truth of the axiom "You can't go home again."
  • Today, our presenter/moderator was giving an example, using the pseudonym 'Jacob Marley'.  
  • All of a sudden, one of the young attendees exclaimed "Hey, that's the guy from that Christmas story!"
  • I may have initially thought "Well, duh!", but stifled any manifestation that would've so indicated, choosing to put aside any snarkiness and instead just savor the joy of his epiphany.
  • May your day be blessed, my friends.
Why, yes, that is the same John Stewart who replaced Dave Guard in the Kingston Trio,
who wrote the Monkees (and Anne Murray) hit Daydream Believer, and whose '70s albums 
were assisted by Lindsey Buckingham, who'd learned guitar listening to KT records.


RPM said...

Hmm, for some reason your blog quit showing up on my feed. Think I've got that fixed now.

Hard to think young kids have no idea who The Eagles are, but then again, I probably couldn't identify a single song on their iPod.

The Donald said...

I too would have no clue as to current music.

Funny thing is, I bet ComKev would recognize most or all of my playlist (if I had an iPod) as well as the current stuff that I know nothing about.