Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday's Minutiae

A few weekends ago, Daughter and I joined about 350 of our neighbors in creating a 16-hour tent city.
  • Here was our temporary home, featuring Sienna, the laser-eyed watchdog (or is that a Jawa?):
  • I think if we had to live off the land - we'd do OK - for awhile at least.  Daughter is great at spotting edibles:

  • She ran callin' Wildflower...  - DF Cosmic Cowboy M. M. Murphey, whose show at the Farr Best Theatre in Mansfield I was chagrined to have missed this weekend.

  • To be on the level, we had a lot of plums, wild caught...

    • Tony Bennett said it - Put on a happy face:
    (The fruits depicted in these images were ritualistically sacrificed shortly after these photos were taken - in order to make some delicious smoothies)
    •  I love Texas. 
    • A small token of appreciation from my credit card points to me, might come in handy next camping trip: 
    • ...or in lieu of a handy shotgun: 


    RPM said...

    Nice Gerber kit! I just spent my Discover points on a set of hip waders.

    Cherish that time you get to spend with your daughter. It vanishes all too quickly.

    The Donald said...

    The Gator Jr. is just the right size to bungee to the carrier on my mtn bike to cut vines or whatnot when we're on rides through the woods.

    Where in CO are you going fly fishing? Oldest son caught his first fish (I think) in a small stream in WY, about 60 miles NNE of Steamboat Springs, when he was about four.

    Absolutely right about the time with Daughter - I'm constantly mindful of the blessing of the time we get to spend together.

    el chupacabra said...

    Devil Dog! Killlll it!

    The Donald said...

    CK - lol. No way! She is unquestionably the finest canine friend I've ever had.

    My third rescue (the other two were from '89 and '90 - now resting in Bowie), she has the best disposition: friendly, playful, not a barker, doesn't jump on people (but will sometimes nuzzle me to get my attention). I never give a second thought to letting little kids pet her in the park.