Monday, February 3, 2014

Zombies - they everwhere

As Combat Kevin warns - Zombies be all around us.  I saw this one lurking on the rear window of an SUV near the local Big Lots:

In the event you're prone to sleeping out-of-doors at times, consider a little Zombie medicine inside your green fleece Ozark Trail sleeping bag:

And always make sure your compounding pharmacy uses genuine Zombie Max in its medicine!

Edit: Chalupa Cabrito correctly points out that disconnection of torso and brain stem brings lasting relief from vexations of the undead.  Herewith my field kit for just such purpose:

Tramontina - not just overpriced pots and pans.  It's the Portugese manifestation 
of an ancient Aussie expression that translates to "Now that's a knife!"

Edit number-iete dos: "Coming up next on afternoon TV gabfest - Zombies and the men/women who love them!"

Fair warning  -  Zombie sympathizers shop @ Kroger.  Apparently.


el chupacabra said...


Remember- always severe the head or destroy the brain!

todd said...

All I can say is I commend you on your Spanish.