Monday, February 23, 2015

Ghost Rider in the Sky...again!

Not sure how I've managed to scoop Murphy's Law with this story, but a decommissioned B-52H (technically, long-term storage) from AMARG has been resurrected to replace another BUFF that was fire-damaged last year at Barksdale AFB.

Back when I was taking flying lessons, it was not possible to fly in a 100 year old airplane - they didn't exist.  Now, there's talk - probably fanciful - that the B-52 might still be around at 100.

Anyway, here's to the 54 year olds!

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RPM said...

This is such a great story for so many reasons. First and foremost is getting that big bird back in the air. For all the crew at Davis-Monthan that think their job is pointless, they now have a badge of honor.

Ghost Rider will be the "newest" B-52 in the fleet with around 17,000 hrs. The rest of the fleet has 18,000+hrs and climbing. It will also get a tip to tail overhaul and upgrade.