Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We came, we thaw...it's getting warmer

But not by much, although at present the prospect of snow tonight doesn't look to be all that daunting.  So, other than watching the ice melt, what else is going on?
  • Sea crawfish are washing ashore on Newport Beach.  Thibodeaux is on his way.
  • Mike Rowe argues ability over sheepskins.  I agree with MR - I have a college degree, but I've worked with others who also do, who couldn't pour...and I've also worked with some extremely talented folks who for whatever reason (money, time) didn't attend college, but knew how to get the job done.
  • Waffle House pursues symbiotic business opportunity.  Seems like a match...
  • Does Richard ---- know about this?
  • It was probably inevitable, but since Brian Williams was sacked/sidelined, the Left had to find someone on the Right to attack.  I'm not a huge O'Reilly fan, what with all that killing and stuff, and it may be an apples-to-potatoes comparison, inasmuch as O'R is a commentator, not a journalist.  We'll see how this plays out.  I understood the concern for BW's judgment, given his position, but not the vitriol that some seemed to have.
  • The circus blogger had a mention of Jimmy Webb this morning.
  • As I don't really keep up too much with the entertainment world, I was unaware that Reba McEntire was Kelly Clarkson's MIL.  (And now that I do know, other than blogging, I have absolutely no use for the information.)
  • Caught an AM radio advert pitching oil or oil wells, saying that some of the largest fortunes in the country have been made from oil.  Sounds to me like an enterprising attempt to shore up oil futures by bringing uninformed rubes into the market.  Not that it wouldn't be possible for someone to take a stake at the bottom and cash out at a profit in the future, but to me it sounds like the oil they're selling comes from snakes.
  • Later on, a similar pitch for silver.  That's right Scout, silver - hiyo!  Two words: Hunt. Brothers.
  • Mark Levin's screed is like fingernails on a chalk-board to me.  Happened to hear him illustrate a 'point' by using the last line of Hotel California.  Dude, stop doing that - that's MY schtick.
  • Son is on his first business trip, landed at Orange County this morning and texted me a picture of the 9' John Wayne statue.  I texted him back, saying "Look at the notation on the base - it was cast at a foundry in Dublin...Texas."
  • No surprises here.  Some of the coolest folks are from the Sunflower State.  Even Alf.  But not that Alf.

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el chupacabra said...

:"We came, we thaw..." Good one- lulz.

I had the same take on the Right V. Left thought- I just hadn't put pen to paper (or photons to electrons or whatever) yet. It HAD to happen. I was just wondering who the unlucky stiff would be. So it is to be O'Reilley- couldn't happen to a nicer guy...
And I don't think it looks good for him. The bits I have heard here and there make me think there is is NO way he told the truth about being around for all those events.
Who is he- Forrest gump?!