Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mittwoch Musings

I've started keeping a note sheet of random thoughts:
  • I don't know if there's much controversy regarding how to make tuna salad, but my recipe includes 2 minced hard-boiled eggs, a can of tuna (in spring water), a dollop of Calder's Horseradish Sauce, 2-1/4 dollops of Miracle Whip, 1-1/2 dollops of pickle relish, and 3/4 dollop of crunchy onion bits.
  • Maverick that I am, I eschew (excuse me!) the Imperial and metric systems of measurement, preferring to use dollops instead.
  • It's tasty, and tangy.
  • My church is running a new series - This is Bliss:
  • This was the scene in the lobby last weekend:
They had to hold that pose for about 25-30 minutes.
  • After the opening praise music, there was a well-choreographed dance number in which three attendants each came up the side aisles, then joined by the wedding couple, and one of the associate pastors in the 'role' of celebrant.  
  • The sermon itself was on Abraham and Sarah.
  • Recently saw this at the Kroger: 
Seriously, for one bottle?  It's still beer...
  • When I saw this on the checkout rack, I have to confess that my surprise was not so great at Kirk Douglas being married 60 years as it was that he was still alive. 
Good for him/them.
  • I am taking a couple of classes, but don't look for me in "And Another...", as a) The profs are dudes; b) The classes are online:

  • Took Sienna for a long walk Sunday afternoon, along the way saw this:

"I'm Batman!"
(No zoom or cropping was used to make this photo.  
I wonder if it made rabbit ear shadows/silhouettes after I left?)
  • So, did I step on it after?  No, I didn't.  It was minding its own business, and was gracious enough to let me photograph it, so live-and-let-live.  I am glad, though, that my experience wasn't similar to the guy photographing the gorilla.
  • Was blessed to have middle son join me for the men's group meeting at church Monday evening.  Unfortunately, it was the last session of the series.  We got ice cream treats at the new Dairy Queen after.  It'd been over 15 years since there was a DQ in town, glad to see them return.
  • Back in the day, the DQ was next to THE bank (although there was also an S&L in town).  Now there is a DQ again, and there are at least 8 banks represented (that I can think of). Can we trade three of the banks for another DQ?
  • Wish I could remember why the original one closed.  My recollection was that the franchisee got over-extended, but that somehow the franchise contracts were tied up in the court system, preventing anyone else from operating in those outlets' markets.  It seems that the stores in Watauga, Richland Hills, Keller, Haltom City, Roanoke, and NRH all closed around the same time.
  • Until the recent new wave of stores - which are très nice - I had to sate my DQ appetite at the Northside FW (not so hot), Rhome (OK), Decatur (decent), west Weatherford (OK), or Mineral Wells (I like the quirky one on N. Oak; on SE 1st Street, not so much), and I think maybe I went to the one in B'port about three times (decent).  
  • I like what this chick's trying to do, but doubt it's totally true.
  • With all due respect to Sam Elliott (I've never worn a mustache without a beard or corresponding goatee, but if I could rock a 'stache like Sam, I would), this was what was for dinner Tuesday night:
Mmm, Deer Pork!  Is that near Houston?
  • Sunday's walk's shuffle play included: Doolin-Dalton/Desperado Reprise ("The queen of diamonds let you down, She was just an empty fable..."); Baez' Diamonds & Rust ("Our breath comes out white clouds/Mingles and hangs in the air..."), and also performing former paramour Robby Z's Forever Young ("May you have a strong foundation/When the winds of changes shift..."); Murph's Once a Drifter ("So here I am, uncertain again/Headed for no place to go."); Lovely Linda's (with the writer providing harmony vocal) Prisoner in Disguise ("You think the love you never had might save you/But true love takes a little time...") and Rivers of Babylon ("So let the words of our mouth/And the meditations of our hearts/Be acceptable in thy sight..."); Donald Hugh's They're Not Here, They're Not Coming ("Would they pile into the saucer/Find Orlando's rat and hug it?/Go screaming through the universe/Just to get McNuggets?") and For My Wedding ("So what makes us any different from all the others/Who have tried and failed before us?"); and Stevie/Lindsey/Mick & John's Say You Will ("Somethin' in you put a hold on my heart/It's hard to believe now.")
  • Talk about lucky, just a few hundred yards from the end of our walk, Sienna decided to answer nature's call, in a solid way.  Providence was smiling on Der Donald, though, as she was less than 50' from one of those dispensing stations with the reusable plastic grocery bags.  It may not be the only such station along the trail, but it's the only one I can think of.


el chupacabra said...

A Glasair ?!? Did it ever slip the surly bonds?

A wasp is the only creature I will squish out of hand. There is no shortage of them and one getting a person is one too many and maybe dangerous. Plus, and this may be me- when they're randomly out like that don't they sometimes seem real cranky and unpredictable?

The Donald said...

Kev - Actually, no. After sitting in my old room for a decade or so, he sold the kit, but bought another Glasair project that was farther along (fuselage and firewall seamed & glassed, horizontal & wing ass'y seamed & sanded). He drove up to PA to bring the latter back, but despite some initial work on it, it's been gathering dust in the hangar now for probably 15 years.

Weird, because he's a Type A, finishes every initiative he starts (earned instrument, ME, comm'l, and A&P ratings on his own nickel), usually with distinction, but for some reason, glasswork didn't prove to be compelling. He does meticulous woodwork, though not passionate about it, and seems to really enjoy metal fabrication (does some of the most beautiful, strong welds you've ever seen) - much of it self-designed to solve some issue. Did his own electrical wiring on their vacation home - the wiring runs are neat and logical (I think every recep is a home run), with every romex labeled in Pilot fine point at regular intervals. I've never ever seen him do a -rigged job on a repair or fabrication.

So, it's a mystery why the muse to build the Glasair flew, and the airplane didn't.

The Donald said...

And the wasp/hornet - Might have felt differently had it been in my kitchen or on the back porch, but, as noted, it weren't botherin' no one, so I figgered jest (in the words of MacLen) to Let It Be.